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So, that's it. The municipal elections done and dusted. Did your guy or gal win? 
I hope so. Maybe we can get on with our lives now?
Doing the best we can, with what we've got?
With, hopefully, a little help from our "new" municipalities. 
If not, we'll vote for someone else the next time. Looking forward to voting in 2024. Could be interesting. 

Luckily, my wife and I were shepherded through the over 60's line, so we weren't in the queue for long.
But it looked like a pretty good turnout from the younger people, which bodes well for our future.
Anyway, I'm not into politics.
But I am, and always have been, a fan of quality and service.
In every aspect of my life, personal and business.
I hope the "new" municipalities will adopt the same attitude. We can but hope. Time will tell. 

And, my advice to politicians, councillors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc. etc

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Whether one agrees with them or not, surely Gareth Cliff and Quinton de Kock have the right to follow their conscience and even act on it? After all, tolerating the views of others is what makes democracies different from autocracies. And SA is a proud democracy. Right?
Alec Hogg - 

The BLM threat to both God and man - by Frans Cronje

The simple but difficult marketing flip - from Seth Godin
“Pay attention, I want you to buy what I made.” 

“I’ve been paying attention, and I think I can offer you what you want.”

Wanna do your bit for climate change? Plant more trees. Simple. Cheap. Green. 

Sara talks to Dr Anthony Turton on how the provision of municipal water works – or not
- a Podcast.

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