This is Us - A new platform to stand together as South AfriCAN's!

We have had a rough 18 months. COVID isolation has impacted every facet of our lives. 

Children at school, workplace security, business operations, social interaction, sport, and a whole lot more.

And then the riots, looting, and destruction in July.

Many of us have begun to question who we are, where the country is headed, what the future is.

And yet, in and amongst this tragedy we witnessed South Africans pulling together in an extraordinary manner.

Ordinary folk protecting their towns. People in wheelchairs helping to clean up.

Shops opening within six days after being trashed. School choirs singing of hope.

As many brave South Africans have proven, again and again, the only way to create a community where every South African is served, is to say and do something when we see something wrong happening.

This is us 

Standing together, celebrating our successes, acknowledging those who strive for a better South Africa is what many of us do.

And, while we must acknowledge and address our systemic challenges we also need a singular counterpoint where the stories of ‘what makes us…. us’ are told.

Our narrative needs to spend as much time acknowledging the good as it does to confront the bad

This Is Us intends to do just that, and you are invited!

#ThisIsUs intends to be a platform that will aggregate and amplify the extraordinary contributions that many South Africans are making to the future we want.

#ThisIsUs will create an open source, shared platform of understanding so that like-minded people can share their stories in their particular field of endeavour.

Hopefully, #ThisIsUs will become a carrier of national pride enabling us to re-forge our identity and re-introduce our goodwill to each other

#ThisIsUs understands that the challenges that lead to scenes of violence and unrest have not gone away.

But, unless we seek to address them through sustained positive action, July 2021 will go down as another missed sign of growing discontent with the status quo.

As the news cycle moves on, the need to retain South African attention on our challenges grows stronger.

Starting Point: Heritage Day campaign

The 24th of September marks our 27th Heritage day.

A day to celebrate the contribution of all South Africans to the building of South Africa.

This year we were all reminded of just how far we have to go to heal the divisions of the past.

Lay foundations for a democratic and open society, and improve the quality of life of all citizens.

Build a united and democratic South Africa.

To celebrate our heritage this year, we would like all South Africans to think about the heritage we will leave for a future South Africa.

Give our children something to inherit, by honouring that responsibility with one positive action #ThisIsUs.

Join the Platform towards our Future Here - thank you SA Good News

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“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the US. 

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