I’m excited to share what’s happening in my world. Thank you for being here.
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I'm not going to bore you with all my changes.
Suffice to say that a lot of things are changing. In my life and the country's. 
I told you about some of them in previous messages (chats). You can see them here 

I've also started a new blog. I call it Wilko's Guide Towards Tomorrow.
It's especially for Seniors like myself in South Africa. Involved in small business.
Or at a loose end, wondering what they can do to have better lives in our twilight years.
Sharing ideas and ways to improve. Maybe learning something new. Like me.
Some of you may even know me, from way back when.
This is how I spend my days. Practising my writing skills(???).
And sharing all sorts of interesting stuff with those who want to share them with me. 

I subscribe to a number of interesting online publications. Like the Daily Maverick
And I listen to some incredible podcasts. Those from interesting, good people.
Not the stuff on Social Media. I use my Facebook Page to tell people about this little "newsletter" and to promote my website(s). For those who may be interested. Friends.

Good News from BizNews:
In our interview yesterday, Netcare CEO Dr Richard Friedland told me that despite officially recorded infections surging beyond the peak of the Third Wave, the 10,000 bed company has under 500 Covid patients – under one sixth of the mid-year peak. Of those hospitalised, only 10-15% needs oxygen. Previously, it was all of them.

And this one from Vusi Thembekwayo - Think Big.
He's a big man with big ideas - "This week in my podcast called Ideas That Matter, I talk about Thinking Big. Are you aware that every single limitation we have is learned? Every constraint is man-made. Once you start questioning constraints, you come to the realization that human beings are born with the natural ability to imagine; to think big; to be completely unbound and unlimited". Listen In 

Or this article in the Daily Maverick by Barry Wugale.
Dear Comrade Gwede Mantashe, I can’t believe you are making the case for Shell – here’s why...

My website is a one-stop online space for a few Nursery Products and Suppliers.
Plant Bags and Accessories, Plastic Plant Pots, Jiffy Peat Pellets and Trays.
Indigenous Plants and Landscaping Services - Home and Garden Design and Renovations. - Organic Fertiliser - And More.
Some of them are listed further down if you're interested.
All enquiries are "referred" to the supplier, for their response.
My newsletter is to help you (my online friends) to stay updated, informed and entertained.
As always, at no charge and easy to unsubscribe if you find it (or me) boring.

We need to have some fun too. Life is tough without a laugh or two. 
We need to learn how to smile again. Not easy, but we'll get there. 

Thank you for all the support you have shown me over the years.
It's been a long and enjoyable ride. Time to hand over the steering wheel. 
I hope you continue to enjoy our little weekly chat. Tell a Friend
This way, your friends can subscribe if they want to. Let's start a movement! 
We don't complain - we're not South AfriCANT's.
The products pictured below are available on the ANSup Website
All Enquiries are forwarded (referred) directly to the suppliers. They will respond.
Just click the pic for the products you are interested in. Then make an enquiry
Some of the products and suppliers featured on my website include: Small businesses and some friends I have known for many years.
Some may even pay me. If and when you become a customer of theirs.
That's their business, not mine. 
My website and newsletter are to keep you updated, informed and entertained. 
With your permission only. Some good things. There are many, we just have to look. 
Things that interest us, as South AfriCANs. Things we can all learn from.
If it's NOT for you, no worries, simply click the unsubscribe link in the footer. 
Or share it with anyone you think may be interested.
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Have a wonderful day and a prosperous week. 


Chris Wilkinson.

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Wilko's Guide Towards Tomorrow - All the articles.

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