Are we all keeping our heads above water? Or below the parapet?
The world is changing, fast, with no sign of slowing down. It’s a lot to handle.
But there is light and good times at the end of the tunnel.
Diamonds are a result of pressure, aren't they?
I’m excited to share what’s happening in my world. Thank you for being here.
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Monday morning coming down...  A rant (opinion) from yesterday
Very wet outside with the possibility of more rain.
We’ve had quite a lot over the weekend, which is good for the garden, but not so pleasant to be outside. But we are very grateful. 
After a weekend of some load-shedding and lots of rain, I’m feeling a little deflated.
I’m sure I’ll perk up a little (or a lot) during the course of the day.
There’s bound to be some good news. There always is. 
Perhaps I live in a dream world, but we can’t all be the same, can we?
I am what I am, and if anyone doesn’t like me for what and who I am, simply leave me alone.
Or ignore me.
I am still very supportive of my wife and kids, but they don’t always agree with me.
That’s just the way it is. We have opposite viewpoints, and I’m just a little different.
I know what I want, and will keep going after it. Why be Normal?
We’ve done this for 44 years so far, so it’s not new. It is what it is...
Read the whole rant.
Late last week I came to a realisation. It's been eating at me for some time.
I've finally realised that my days as a "middle-man" are finally over. 
I won't go into the details here, I'm sure nobody actually cares.
But, from now on, I shall not be arranging things with my suppliers.
All enquiries from the website and here, will be referred to the relevant Manufacturer,  Importer, or Distributor. They will respond directly to you. With your permission only. 
I believe that everybody will benefit from this arrangement. Customers and Suppliers.
I may even earn a little something for my efforts as a "lead generator".
But it isn't about money. I prefer to see it as improving our service delivery. 
Thank you for all the support you have shown me over the years.
It's been a long and enjoyable ride. Time to hand over the steering wheel. 
I hope you continue to enjoy our little weekly chat. Tell a Friend
This way, they can also subscribe if they want to. Let's start a movement! One at a time.
Thank you for your continued support over the years. Time for a change.
Remember - Our factories will close from 10th December for the Christmas break.

All these products (and more) are available on the website. Make Enquiries 
All Enquiries will be forwarded (referred) directly to the suppliers. They will respond.

I am learning something new during the December holidays and into next year.

With a lot of help from my friend, Peter. It's more than a course, it's an experience. 
Why don't you join us and Learn to Earn Online

FREEDOM is worth fighting for! 2022, here we come! Taking The Stand.
An end-of-year presentation from Hermann Pretorius of the Freedom Advocacy Network.
Well done Hermann, our country needs more young people like you to stand up. 
Strength to your voice.
Using Hope as a Weapon of Change.
A couple of podcasts to help us in these most trying of times. No life without hope.
This is how my small business works
When people see the name African Nursery Supplies, they assume it is a big business.
With Shops and warehouses all over the place. Like Amazon.
Sales staff, trucks, drivers and the rest.
I hate to disappoint, but I am just an old bloke trying to survive in the hurly-burly of modern life.
I didn't save enough through the years to have a well-earned retirement.
No gold watch or pension for me.
Being self-employed has it's perks, but that's not one of them.
And so about 12 years ago I started this small website. 
It was going quite well until the Zupta effect hit the country. 
Followed by a rather serious pandemic. Which is still causing panic and fear.
And, of course, the failure of the various government departments and politicians.
Having done all the courses I could afford, I went online. 
But people still believe I own this big business. 
Or maybe, just maybe, I haven't explained myself properly.
Truth be told, it is NOT a brick and mortar business. Read the Full Story Here.

A Change of Mindset is ALL we need to Succeed...
How should a small business owner think? 
Most of us find ourselves in this position for various reasons: 

  • We have to supplement our retirement savings 
  • We were retrenched or fired 
  • We got sick and went through some tough times 
  • We lost all our money through bad investments 
  • Desperation 
  • And a whole host of other reasons. 

Small Business is not a "little version" of "Big" business.
The differences are vast... Read More Here 

My website and newsletter are to keep you updated, informed and entertained. 
With your permission only. Some good things. There are many, we just have to look. 
Things that interest us, as South AfriCANs. Things we can all learn from.
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Or share it with anyone you think may be interested.
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Have a wonderful day and a prosperous week. 


Chris Wilkinson.

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