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Have you made your Small Business Resolutions (Choices) yet? Would you like to:
  • Increase profits?
  • Take on more staff?
  • Grow the business?
  • Work harder? Or Smarter?
  • Set your roadmap? Maak 'n Plan?
The last one is probably the hardest one to start and maintain.  
With all the technology and social media around, which direction will you take?  
Same as everyone else? More costly advertising? More expensive marketing?
More sales or marketing staff?
That's what everyone seems to be doing. 
If you want to make more money, some fundis say you should do less.  
Use the rifle, as opposed to the shotgun. Not literally, of course. It's a figure of speech.  
As Seth Godin says - "Find your Smallest Viable Market"
"If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither " Russian Proverb.  Multitasking?
Some gurus say you should check your competition and do the opposite of what they do.
Nothing radical, just small things, done often.
Break with conventional thinking.  
Start an email campaign. No, not the spammy types we see every day. Be different.
Something that could help your customers, friends or family
The odd Youtube teaching video. Short and to the point.
Promote them on your Facebook Page. Or Twitter. Or LinkedIn. They're all free.
We don't need to be controversial.
Start a Blog, for the same reason.
To help others and to share what you can with folk in your industry.
Or your suburb. Or the town. Or the country. Or the world.
Take courses, Learn to Earn.
Design a course of your own. There's even a course on how to do that.
I wish you a very Successful and Prosperous 2022.
May all your choices help you find what you're looking for.
Wilkos Way - Towards Tomorrow 
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Especially for South AfriCAN's.

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