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Elections done, politicians still arguing and fighting. So, what's new?
With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, I have decided to unclutter my life.
What a way to spend Christmas! 
All the old books I haven't read are going in boxes. I can then get rid of the huge display cabinet.
I'll decide what to do with them later. Or the kids can inherit them, as part of my "worldly goods". 
It will also make it easier when we do eventually move. Don't know when, but I'll be prepared.
Drawers full of photos also go into a box. Marked memories. Nobody wants them, I'm sure. 
Anything that hasn't been used for the last year or so will be donated or dumped.
Don't think I'd get much for it, anyway. But it's not about money. Nor is my little business.
I will keep doing what I'm doing (providing a service) for as long as I can. 
I like to think I'm helping the young people who work for the suppliers, to keep their jobs.
Boosting their sales, while making a little bit for myself along the way. To help with the luxuries in life.
Things like electricity, water, rates and taxes, medical aid, petrol, dog food and the rest. 
I am very, very lucky to have them available. Unlike so many other, less fortunate South Africans.
I hope that the folk I mention here and on the website will also grow a little, through my efforts.
And that some will even learn something with the help of Peter Carruthers
I think Pete's got some exciting things lined up for next year, so I'll keep you informed.
Yes, I earn a little commission from Pete and some people at the ANSup Home and Garden Show.
IF you buy something from them. 
And the "Side Hustles" are all featured on the sidebar. You are welcome to browse.
I would also appreciate it if you Shared a few pages on your social media accounts.
Wouldn't it be nice to go a little viral? Just a little. I'm not an "influencer". Like the Kardsahians.
I'm not much of a writer either, so I share a bit from a few good people.
I know we can all learn something from them. Whatever field we're in. 

A little "pocket money" never hurt anybody. As a kid, my pocket money was 2 "bob" a week.
That was two shillings back then and related to about 20 cents. But it went a lot further those days.
Probably even further than R2 nowadays. Or should that be R20 today? R200 tomorrow?

We should develop an activist’s enthusiasm to push for the upcoming Investment Conference to be as much about backing small and medium-sized companies developing niched, value-adding export channels as it is about traditional infrastructure.
Elon Musk’s conditional offer should be interpreted as:
Don’t seek funding until you have a credible plan.
That is doubly true in South Africa, as we must establish growth opportunities to inspire required policy shifts. Read the full article

“Will this be on the test?” is a question invented by industrialists. It’s the cornerstone of traditional schooling at scale, because it is such an effective way to indoctrinate kids to become cogs in the system. And it’s almost an accident that we manage to make progress, because we’ve spent so much time encouraging citizens to maintain the status quo: Follow vs. lead - Copy vs. innovate - Read More. 

A fight on the Savannah - Terence Corrigan.
Animal behaviour is a fascinating field of study in its own right as well as for what it can teach us about our own propensities.
When confronted with danger, many animals will choose to evade, unless they feel that they need to protect something of value.
Some will sense when they are being bested and submit through gestures to the antagonist.
For those that have taken a serious injury, and are in pain, there is the likelihood of heightened aggression as a sort of desperate last-ditch stand by a creature that is acutely aware that it is in mounting danger... Read More

The last things to cut are sales, service, and training. The FIRST thing to cut is Executive pay, then Management pay, then eliminate Middle Management as needed.
OR MAKE THEM SALESPEOPLE, and have them contribute to the effort. 
Meanwhile, customers need help, service, and answers.
Your ability to help them in a timely manner and serve them memorably determines your reputation and your fate... Jeffery Gitomer

The wild dogs should NOT lie down with the buffalo
Many South Africans have been waiting, says incoming IRR CEO John Endres, for ‘a single mighty lion to bring down the old buffalo that is the ANC, together with its little calf, the EFF’. The great risk, however, is that this great lion may never appear. By contrast, the country now has a formidable pack of wild dogs that have already done much to harry the buffalo and put him on the run... Read More 

For the National Prosecuting Authority the next six months are crucial – from setting prosecution priorities to making an impact on crime generally, not just high-level corruption, and charting the course towards full independence of the prosecution service in fact and in law... Read/Listen Here. 

Financial Peace isn't the acquisition of stuff. It's learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back, and have money to invest. You can't win until you do this.
Dave Ramsey. 

It is expected that the Social Employment Fund will create around 50,000 work opportunities. A total of R800 million has been allocated to the fund, which is being led by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition and managed by the Industrial Development Corporation.
Read more from The President.

Bigfoot Note :-) 
Want to see some good/funny stories in South Africa? Subscribe to The Good Things Guy. 
Or Good News without the Politics? Try South Africa - The Good News. Facts, not BS.
And, let's not forget, Gift of the Givers. Doing what the Government SHOULD be doing. 
And of course, the "good guys" chasing the "baddies" at the Daily Maverick and the Daily Friend. 

PS. I have updated and simplified my website. I hope it's easier for you to browse. 
All the Products, Links, Training, and "Side Hustles" are pictured on the Sidebar. Simple connection.
Let me know what you think. Again, only IF you want to.

For my regular customers. Thank you for your continued support over the years.
This is what I still "do" - nothing more, nothing less. No longer "everything for everybody".
The latest price lists of all the products I "sell" are listed below.
If you need anything, please tell me by Reply, and I'll take it from there.
Remember - Our factories will close from 11th December for the Christmas break.

Plastic & Polywoven Plant Bags – Price List - November 2021 
Plastic Plant Pots – Price List – September 2021 
Jiffy Pellets and Trays - Price List – August 2021 
Seed Trays and Plant Markers - Price List - November 2021 
Reminder: IF you become a regular customer of mine, and IF you Forward this to a Friend, and IF they buy something, I will give you both a small discount on your accounts. 
It's not about volume, it is about consistency. One friend at a time. One day at a time.

In the New Year I shall be looking at a small "affiliate" program for my small business.
Would you be interested? Pop me a reply, let's talk.

My advice to politicians, councillors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc., is still :-)

  • Close all your Social Media Accounts! Especially Twitter! Nobody cares!
  • Start a blog of your own at  Or  -  Easy Peasy.
  • Start an email newsletter. Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Try Mailchimp.
  • Ask your constituents/customers to subscribe. Stay in touch. Tell us what you're doing, regularly.
  • We shouldn't need to chase you. Please don't chase us. Allow us to find you. Be visible.
  • We are all here to serve. This is how I prefer to do it. And, it works for me. Will for you too.

I hope you enjoy some of what I and my few friends have to share. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. 

Have a wonderful day and week. 



T/a African Nursery Supplies (ANSup) - a small mail-order service for small business owners.  
My Front Page 

PS. My website and newsletter are to keep you updated, informed and entertained.
With your permission only. The Good things. And, there are many.

Things you may not see on television or on social media. Things that interest us, as S'afriCANs
Links to Organisations and people that are making a difference in our country. 
And to those people trying very hard to right the wrongs. Positive stuff. No lectures. Or Politics.
Friends trying to make a success (or a living) in their own businesses. Through Sharing. 
I hope you enjoy what I (and my few friends) are able to offer you
If it's NOT for you, no worries, click the unsubscribe link in the footer at the end.
Have a good day. Every day above ground is a good one. One day at a time. Life is good.

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