I’m excited to share what’s happening in my world. Thank you for being here.
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No matter what happens, we have to enjoy every moment.
"We live in interesting times". That's an old Chinese curse, I'm told.
I've lived through many interesting times in my 75 years. Especially recently.
"We will overcome", is the one I prefer to use.
For 2022, I wish you every happiness, prosperity, and peace. 
I'm dedicating Twenty-Tutu to The Arch - Rest in Peace.

I have started a brand new website. Online Learning for Small Business Owners
To learn about Online and Email. And making money. It's the "new way".
Check it out, if you are interested enough to learn a few things. Online.

My New Year Choices are Simple.

  • Try to be a little better each day.
  • A one per cent improvement every day equates to a great deal over a year.
  • Don't worry about tomorrow. Live my life one day at a time.
  • Do what I can each day and let tomorrow look after itself.
  • If I'm not Earning, at least I'll be Learning.
  • With a little help from a few friends.
  • Join Us on Our Journey. See you there. 
Life Goes On at African Nursery Supplies
Factories re-open on Monday 10th.
All Enquiries are forwarded (referred) directly to the suppliers. They will respond.
Click a Pic for the products you are interested in. Then make an enquiry
Tell a Friend - This is NOT to SELL anybody anything.
It is simply to suggest they subscribe to this Weekly Email Service - if they want to.
One Friend at a time. No mass forwarding, please.
One of the Services, Products, Suppliers featured on the ANSup website include:
Small businesses and some friends I have known for many years. 
Some may even pay me. If and when you become a customer of theirs. 
It's their business, not mine. All donations are gratefully accepted. 
Others are listed on the Sidebar.
  • This "newsletter" is NOT meant to sell you anything. It's just my way of keeping in touch with people who want me to. With your permission.
  • Sharing things that interest us, as South AfriCANs.
  • Things we can all learn from. Even help each other from time to time. Ubuntu.
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Have a wonderful day and a prosperous week. 


Chris Wilkinson.

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Online Learning for Small Business Owners

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