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To all our honest (???) politicians out there, remember Abe Lincoln's words:
"You can fool all the people some of the time.
Or some of the people all of the time.
But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time"

So, just get on with your jobs, and stop trying to fool us, the people, any of the time.
I thought the local elections were about service delivery?
Why are you all making it about politics?
Get off your high horses, and work together for the sake of the people who put their trust in you.

As far as any changes I may make in future I will always try to be positive.
Even when negative things are going on all around us. There's always drama!
But, it can never be ALL bad. It all depends on our own personal attitude.
I will probably always be selling pots and bags. It's taken up 2/3rds of my adult life, after all.
That's right 50 years. Almost as long as Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot Men
It's been quite a journey, but I'm still enjoying what I do.
Having fun while offering a service. Just like in the old days.
How many people can say that? Even among the youngsters. 
I was asked many years ago what I wanted to achieve in my life.
My answer - "I just want to be happy". I stand by that. So far, so good.
Yes, a little more money would help. But not a whole lot. I have what I need. 
I just want a little to help with the big bills. Electricity, Water, Wi-fi, Medical Aid.
You know, the luxuries. I'm happy that I can have them.

I'm Still married after 44 years. To my physio. She's got fortitude! And I'm grateful.
How lucky can one guy get?
Lots of trials and tribulations, but we still get along just fine. 
Anyway, we just carry on with our lives as best we can. With what we've got.

Some of the changes will happen on the website regularly. 
If you haven't been there for a while, you're most welcome to visit. I'd love to see you.
Products, Links, Articles, Videos, "side hustles", are posted there daily. I'm trying. 
People tell me I'm very, very trying. I'm sure they mean that in a nice way.
Some (not all) will feature in this little weekly chat.
Together with other articles of interest to us as South AfriCAN's. 
This is not the place for South AfriCANT's 

Pushing, Pulling, and Leading - from Seth Godin 
Tug boats don’t usually tug. They push. 
That’s because pushing is more mechanically efficient than pulling.
When we pull, there’s tension and slack in the ropes, and the attachment between the puller and the pushed keeps changing. 
But the metaphor gets far more interesting when we think about leading instead. 
One bird at the head of the flock can lead 100 others if they’re enrolled in the journey.
That bird would never be able to pull (or push) even one bird, never mind all of them.

“Most lucky events in life are opportunities, not outcomes.
The value of an opportunity changes depending on how it is treated. Without effort, good luck becomes a missed opportunity. With effort, good luck can become a life-changing event. 
You need luck and hard work. It’s not either/or. It’s both/and. The result will not walk through the door on its own.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬” James Clear

Well said, young lady. You are our future 
24-year-old DA MP, Hlomela Bucwa, delivers a passionate maiden speech in Parliament. 

South Africa has an unemployment crisis mainly because too many people in power do not know how jobs are created. So, where do jobs come from? 

When SA’s business-friendly political parties meet, they can bicker among themselves.
Or set egos aside and coalesce to change the country for the better.
Let’s pray they use this unique and potentially one-off opportunity to show true leadership.
And set the nation on the right course. 

DA’s Dr Mpho Phalatse won the mayoral chains - congratulations and good luck.

As always, a Bigfoot Note :-) These people make me feel good about being a S'afriCAN.
Check out some good/funny stories in South Africa? Subscribe to The Good Things Guy. 
Or Good News without the Politics? Try South Africa - The Good News. Facts, not BS.
Gift of the Givers. Doing what the Government SHOULD be doing.
OUTA - fighting our legal battles for us.
And of course, the "good guys" chasing the "baddies" at the Daily Maverick.

PS. I have updated and simplified my website.
I hope it's easier for you to find what you're looking for. 
If you don't, just ask. I'll help if I can. Via email. 

For my regular customers. Thank you for your continued support over the years.
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My advice to politicians, councillors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc., is still :-)

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  • We are all here to serve. 
A few friends & families running small businesses and practices in Gauteng.

I hope you enjoy some of what I and my few friends have to share. 
If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. 
Have a wonderful day and week. 


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