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In Nature, the big animals eat the little animals. 
That, as far as I know, is the law of the jungle. 
Human beings on the other hand should nurture and protect "the little guys". 
Big business is a human invention, isn't it? 
So why do big businesses want a monopoly? To take out the competition, so to speak.
Surely if a few big businesses, "tossed a bone" to a few small businesses now and again, we could all survive. 
It is, after all, a matter of survival, isn't it?
There's enough of the bad stuff to destroy a lot of people's lives. 
Let's not contribute to the effects of a virus. Or our politics. Let's help each other. 
After all, 10% of something is a lot better than 100% of nothing. 
And giving a small percentage of your money to help somebody else is way better than accumulating it all for yourself. 
If only a few big businesses allocated some of their budget to small businesses we could all make a little. 
Instead of just the few who make it all. 
Think about it. Many lives could be saved if we adopted this kind of attitude. 
To say nothing of jobs. Livelihoods. Survival. All through Sharing. Just a little.

PS. In a letter to the editor of a local paper, someone ended their rant with:
"Bottom line. Every day we're bombarded with these "specials", pay in plenty, get out crumbs.
Believe in discounts, believe Papa Xmas is your uncle".
 I couldn't agree more.
But I do believe in Christmas. Which is just around the corner. 

PPS. I am also in full agreement when the Daily Maverick posted this:
Time to liberate all business, not just small business 

PPPS. IF you are a customer of mine, and IF you Forward this to a Friend, I will give you both a small discount on your accounts. Every time you buy something.

Okay, that's just my opinion, as a South AfriCAN!

Let me get down to some marketing. I need to "supplement" my "pension"! As a "little guy".
Nursery Bags, Plastic Pots - Wholesale, delivered throughout South Africa.
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I'm told that Nursery Bag prices will increase from 1st November.
I'm voting DA for Change! How about you?
Well done everybody. No need to bash others, simply keep showing us what you are doing. 
At 75 I have a great future behind me, so I'm voting for my very young Grandchildren.
All the best. May the best team win.
And, here's an extract from a piece in the Daily Maverick last week. I subscribe for free.
“The idea is to get more young people involved in understanding what is going on around us… to encourage people to come from this platform and to go out to take ownership and to contribute to a better South Africa.”
This from a young South African woman standing in the upcoming elections.
It appears that there are as many as 922 candidates standing who are 24 or younger. Including a 20-year-old Afrikaans guy standing for the ANC, and lots of young women from all the parties.
“I have also realised as a youth myself, that we are responsible for the future that we want”.
Very encouraging.
Meet some of them at Out with the old: - young ward candidates ready to rattle the status quo. 
I got an email from Pete Carruthers the other day. Haven't heard from him for some time.
Good to know he's back, hale and hearty.
Dear Chris, 
I hate to tell you how I am scared most of the time. 
We, small-business owners, create "stuff" from nothing in the hope of solving a problem.
Then we must find enough people to buy it.
That "stuff" might be a new solution. Or it might be a new method or business to sell the solution. 
We do this without any guarantee it will work. That's scary... Read the whole message here.
Welcome back, Pete.
If you want to learn more about the Protection of Personal Information Act, which affects us all, have a look at
Pete's Introductory Course on POPI.
Especially for Small Business Owners in South Africa. 
Pete has also been doing this for many, many years. Online.
Allan Dib is the author of the One Page Marketing Plan - the book that started a worldwide movement. He says:
Have you ever subscribed to someone's mailing list only to get spammed with nonstop sales offers? 
It feels icky and it burns the trust you had in them
Of course, there's nothing wrong with including a commercial message in your emails.
But the primary goal is to create a connection and nurture your prospects until they are ready to buy. 
Remember, people love to buy but they hate being sold to...
Read the full message
And this is a post from Seth Godin. I think we're on the same wavelength. His wave is just bigger!

Among painters, poets, writers, actors, bloggers, directors, influencers, capitalists, fundraisers, politicians and singers, you’ll find a few who want to go all the way to superfamous. 
They understand that their work won’t reach every single human, it can’t. They’re okay with that. But they’d like to reach just a few more people than anyone else. 
Back when the New York Times bestseller list mattered, they worked to be on it. Not just on it, but on top of it. 
Back when 100,000 followers were seen as a lot on Twitter, they hustled to be in the top spot. And when it got to a million, then that was the new goal. 
Pop albums used to sell millions of copies. Now they sell in the tens of thousands.
But one more than just about anyone else is enough (for now). 
The desire to be superfamous might come from a good place. The work is important, it deserves to be seen by more people. The work is arduous, and reaching more people with it feels appropriate. The work is measurable, and measuring better is a symptom of good work. 
Or the desire might come from the same drive that pushes people to do the work in the first place. Bigger is better, after all. 
The problems with superfamous are varied and persistent. 
First, it corrupts the work. By ignoring the smallest viable audience and focusing on mass, the creator gives up the focus that can create important work. 
Second, the infinity of more can become a gaping hole. Instead of finding solace and a foundation for better work, the bottomless pit of just a little more quickly ceases to be fuel and becomes a burden instead. 
Trust is worth more than attention, and the purpose of the work is to create meaningful change, not to be on a list. 

There are many articles, videos, and links on My Blog Pages. 
Lots of great stuff here. From some experts in their fields. 
Like Your Job is to Make Art - a Seth Godin talk - A video presentation.
A great place to learn something. It's only my opinion, but...
Browse to your heart's content. If you want to. Your choice.
Or even Bookmark my website, so you can visit any time.
I haven't mastered the RSS Feeds yet. I still have a lot to learn. About everything.
I feature a few friends at the ANSup Home and Garden Show. 
Abacus Glass, Planter Logic, Nectasource Landscaping. Kitchen Renovations,
Alterations & Additions. Firelight Tours. Organic Fertiliser. And a few more.
This is NOT advertising. You only make an enquiry IF you think they can help you. 
And they will only contact you when you give them permission to do so.
Using the Contact Form on their Page. 
PS. Even my wife, the Physio, features there.
And this is a Rant. From a large investor and passionate South AfriCAN. 
Saying what needs to be said. No holding back.
If you're a politician, be warned, you may not like what he has to say.  
I don't agree with all his suggestions, but he has some plausible and easy solutions. 
Would you invest in South Africa? IF you were rich? 

I hope you enjoy some of what I and my few friends have to share. 
I appreciate your comments and feedback. If you have any. 
I don't do negativity. Or pessimism. Or doom & gloom. 
Have a wonderful day and week. 



T/a African Nursery Supplies (ANSup) - a small mail-order service for small business owners.  
My Front Page 

The Academy of Business Owners - Lots of business courses to help Small Business Owners.

PS. My website and newsletter are to keep you up to speed with what’s happening in our country.
From my perspective. With your permission. The Good things. And, there are many.

Things you may not see on television or on social media. Things that interest me, mostly.
Links to Organisations that I believe are doing good, positive things in our country. 
And to those people trying very hard to right the wrongs. Positive stuff. No lectures.
Friends trying to make a success (or a living) in their own businesses. Through Sharing. 
With your permission only. I hope you enjoy what I (we) can offer. 
If it's not for you, no worries, click the unsubscribe link in the footer at the end.
Have a good day. Every day. One day at a time. Life is good.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States. 

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