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Are You Coming?


“The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds' feet, and makes me walk on my high places” (Habakkuk 3:19).


I usher you into My presence. I come, to overwhelm you, all your senses, all your memories. I am bigger than your greatest fear. I am bigger than your greatest hope.


It’s time to not be timid now. It’s time to let Me come rushing in, my presence energizing you, bringing you forward, leading you to what I have.


I have healing for your heart. I have healing for your past. I have hope for your tomorrow. I have hope for your today.


You can stay in the same place, if you want to. You don’t have to trust Me. You don’t have to let Me in. You can hear my voice here and still hesitate, unsure what loving Me, what trusting me, will require. You can let fear and uncertainty be your guide, and not my voice, my greatest desire for your good, my richest love for you.


Do you anticipate Me coming? Do you look for Me and expect for Me to show up? Do you await Me, eyes open, heart ready? Are you willing and ready to follow Me, when I say to you, “Daughter, rise, I have more for you; it is time for you to lift your head. It is time for you to go forward and let yourself be rescued and then go and rescue, too?”


I created you with strength within you. I created you with beauty tangible. I created you with goodness and love pouring into you to pour out.


You are no small thing, while a wisp of breath. You inhabit my glory. You inhabit Me, and I inhabit you. This--the place we inhabit together--is the place where you can move around, feel freedom, breathe in joy and let my light, for others, shine.


I made you to be humble, but not meek. I created you to walk with lifted head, proclaiming my name, showing this world you are loved. For the reality of being loved and known and made and wanted and perfected in faith is what allows you to go forward, grasping hold of my hand, pulling other daughters out of darkness, too.


Are you coming?

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