Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy Newsletter (no. 5)
August - September 2013
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Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy
New on Website

Translating Polo: A Blog for Translators

The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy has started "Translating Polo", a blog for those interested in the translation of Polo's works from Spanish to English.

Translator's Guide to Polian Terms

The "Translating Polo" blog has added a "Translator's Guide to Polian Terms". This guide offers guidance on how to translate key Spanish words used by Polo into English. The guide will be periodically updated as discussions develop. 

University of Navarre: Lecture Seminar on Leonardo Polo's Theory of Knowledge

Starting September 2013, the University of Navarre will be offering an on-going lecture-seminar on Leonardo Polo's Theory of Knowledge. The seminar is co-ordinated by Prof. Idoya Zorroza (
Books and Studies

Miscelánea Poliana #44

Miscelánea Poliana no. 44 has been published by the Instituto de Estudios Filosóficos Leonardo Polo and includes contributions by Ignacio Falgueras on the occasion of the Year of Faith.

Miscelánea Poliana #45

The Instituto de Estudios Filosóficos Leonardo Polo has published Miscelánea Poliana #45, which features the study "La realidad de Dios según Leonardo Polo" ["The reality of God according to Leonardo Polo"] by Raphael Vives Fos.

J. Branya: Paper on R. Spitzer, A. Maslow, and L. Polo

John Branya read the paper "Anthropological Foundation of the Levels of Happiness. Robert Sptizer, Abraham Maslow, and Leonardo Polo" at the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens, Greece (August 11, 2013).

G. Catanzaro: New Book on Polo and Nietzsche

Gianfranco Catanzaro has published the Spanish edition of his book with the title "El Hombre ¿Un objeto material o un ser trascendental?: Un recorrido antropológico a través de la filosofía de Friedrich Nietzsche y Leonardo Polo (Spanish Edition)" [Man. A Material Object or a Transcendental Being?: An anthropological tour through the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and Leonardo Polo].

S. Martino: Polo and Innovation in Business

The Argentina - Management Herald has published an article entitled "La empresa en busca de la innovácion y el emprendimiento" by Silvia Martino, which draws from Leonardo Polo's writings regarding various themes related to the person, business and innovation.

J. F. Sellés: Thinking about Things

Strathmore University Press has published Thinking about Things by J.F. Sellés (translated by Branya and Peraza), a book on Theory of Knowledge that based on Leonardo Polo's philosophy.
In memoriam Tributes

Academic Act in memoriam Published by the University of Navarre

The presentations of the academic act in memory of Leonardo Polo that was held at the University of Navarre on May 20, 2013 has been published as Leonardo Polo (1926-2013) in memoriam. 
Includes contributions from
- Ángel Luis González (Leonardo Polo, maestro universitario)
- Juan A. García González (El testigo de don Leonardo Polo)
- Ignacio Falgueras Salinas (Leonardo Polo, investigador de la verdad)
- Alejandro Llano (Leonardo Polo, pensador)
- Rafael Alvira (Con profunda deuda de gratitud)

Anuario filosófico: in memoriam

Anuario filosófico has published a tribute "in memoriam" to Leonardo Polo.
Anuario filosófico, Pamplona, 46-2 (2013) 423-30 [Fdo. Múgica]

Naturaleza y libertad: in memoriam

The journal Naturaleza y libertad has published an article in memoriam of Leonardo Polo by Juan A. García González.
"Naturaleza y libertad" 2 (2013) 287-90.
Online Discussions

Translating Polo: Translating "además"

Join the discussion on how to translate "además" into English on the Translating Polo blog:

El hábito de sindéresis: The Human Person as Relation

The blog El hábito de sindéresis considers the Human Person as Relation and God and the Infinitude of Intellection.

Preguntas polianas: Abandoning the Mental Limit and Advertance of the First Principles

The blog Preguntas polianas considers  "How is the limit abandoned in order to 'advert' real first principles?" and may other topics.
Featured Work by Polo Online

“Notre situation culturelle et la philosophie” (November, 1966)

In November, 1966, Polo published the article "Notre situation culturelle et la philosophie” ["Our Cultural Situation and Philosophy"] in La table ronde (Paris, France), 226 (XI.1966) 27-40.

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