Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy Newsletter (no. 6)
October 2013 - January 2014
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Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy


University of Navarre: Reading Seminar on Leonardo Polo's Course on the Theory of Knowledge

The first sessions of the Reading Seminar on Leonard Polo's Course on the Theory of Knowledge at the University of Navarre (Spain) is now available for viewing on Youtube. 
1st Session (Sept. 24, 2013): Prologue and Lession 1
2nd Session (Oct. 8, 2013): Review of Lesson 1; Commentary on Lesson 2
3rd Session (Oct. 15, 2013): Going deeper into Lesson 2
4th Session (Oct. 22, 2013): General gnoseological and anthropological considerations following on lessons dealt with earlier


February 8, 2014: International Symposium on the Philosophy of Leonardo Polo (Málaga, Spain)

The Instituto de Estudios Filosóficos Leonardo Polo will be hosting an international symposium on the philosophy of Leonard Polo in Málaga, Spain on February 8, 2014, the first anniversary of Polo's death. For more information, see

January 20-23, 2014: Man and Freedom in Leonardo Polo (Monterrey, Mexico)

The Centro Panamericano de Humanidades (Monterrey, Mexico) is sponsoring a course entitled Man and Freedom in Leonardo Polo from January 20-23, 2014. Prof. J. I. Murillo from the University of Navarre will be the lecturer. For more information, see

Studies and Articles

Miscelánea poliana, n° 46 (2014)

The Instituto de Estudios Filosóficos Leonardo Polo has published the latest issue of Miscelánea poliana. The current number (n° 46) includes the following articles:

- Rafael Díaz Dorronsoro (Rome, Italy): La noción rahneriana de símbolo esencial revisada a partir de la antropología trascendental de Leonardo Polo [The Rahnerian notion of essential symbol revisited from the perspective of Leonardo Polo's transcendental anthropology]
- John Branya (Nairobi, Kenya): Anthropological Foundation of the Levels of Happiness: Robert Spitzer, Abraham Maslow and Leonardo Polo
- Juan Assirio (Buenos Aires, Argentina): La dualidad filiación-paternidad. Estudio según la antropología trascendental de Leonardo Polo [The filiation-paternity duality. A study according to Leonardo Polo's transcendental anthropology]

Mayéutica: "Man as adverb"

The philosophical journal Mayéutica 87 (2013) has published an interview with Juan A. García González on Polo titled "El hombre como adverbio" ["Man as adverb"].

Polo, Apel, Heidegger and Ontology Today

A paper titled "La Ontología hoy. ¿Crisis de redundancia o autoinmunidad frente a la crisis? Apel y Polo frente a Heidegger"[Ontology Today. Crisis of Redundancy or Autoimmunity Against the Crisis. Apel and Polo Against Heiedgger] was read by Carlos Ortiz de Landázuri at the Philosophical Conference at the University of Navarre on October 13, 2013. 

Research Papers on Polo

The following research papers have been finished.

- Mayte Dassoy Mut: Educar: ayudar a crecer, según la propuesta de Leonardo Polo ["Educating: Helping to grow, according to Leonardo Polo's proposal"]. Directed by Alfredo Rdoríguez Sedano and Mª Carmen Fernández Benassar. Doctoral research paper for obtaining the DEA. Universidad de las islas Baleares (Palma de Mallorca, Spain April 14, 2013).

- Roberto Rojas Tapia: Algunas aportaciones para la educación desde las dualidades de la persona según Leonardo Polo ["Some contributions to education from the perspective of the dualities of the person according to Leonardo Polo"]. Directed Juan Fernando Sellés. Research paper for masters. University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain 2013).
Online Discussions

Polianos: Discussion on Existential Identity

Discuss the implications of the expansion of the distinction "Essence and Existence", its application to the Trinity, and whether or not the phrase "Existential Identity" can be used on the Polianos blog.

Preguntas polianas: Is the human person co-being?

Join the discussion regarding the question "Is the human person co-being"? and many more questions at Preguntas polianas
In memoriam


The international journal of philosophy Contrastes published an in memoriam tribute to Leonardo Polo in its last issue: vol. XVIII (2013). 
Featured Work by Polo Online (in Spanish)

"Un punto de partida para el planteamiento del tema de la existence humana" (1963)

This very early work by Leonardo Polo was first published in 1963 in the Acts of the 13th International Congress of Philosophy (Mexico). As the title suggests ("A Point of Departure for Approaching the Theme of Human Existence"), Polo seeks the point of departure and methodology required for the correct study of human existence in dialogue with Descartes, Hegel, and Heidegger.
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