Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy Newsletter (no. 11)
April 2016
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Institute Events

International Congress: Transcendence and Love for a New Global Society
Krakow, Poland, August 1-2, 2016)

The International Association for Philosophical Anthropology and the Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy (USA) with the collaboration of the Center of the Thought of John Paul II (Poland) and the Cardinal Stefan Wyzsynski University (Poland) presents the International Congress Transcendence and Love for a New Global Society.

The Congress will take place in English, and seeks to gather English speaking scholars from throughout the world to explore the implications of Philosophical Anthropology and Ethics in the varied fields of Human Action, Culture, and History. Among many philosphers who have approached the problem of Love and Transcendence such as Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Scheler, Mauss, von Hildebrand, Arendt, Derrida, Ricoeur, etc., we propose to focus on the anthropological discoveries of John Paul II and Leonardo Polo which are very relevant to the challenge of proposing a ‘logic of gift’ and building a ‘culture of love’ open to Transcendence.International Congress

For more information, visit the Congress website:

For registration, please visit:

Works by Leonardo Polo

Complete Works of Leonardo Polo

Eunsa (Pamplona, Spain) continues publishing the Complete Works of Leonardo Polo in Spanish that it started last year.

An updated list of currently published works can be found here.

A list of the complete plan of publications can be found here.

University Professor (English translation)

"University Professor", a translation of "Profesor universitario", has been published in the European Conservative  (Netherlands, Issue 13).
It can also be downloaded here.

Human Feelings (English translation)

"Human Feelings", a translation of "Sentimientos humanos", has been published in the Journal of Polian Studies, no. 2 (2015).
It can be downloaded here.

Why a Transcendental Anthropology? Download

Why a Transcendental Anthropology?, a translation of Leonardo Polo's ¿Porque una antropologia transcendental? Is now available for download in pdf format here.

Upcoming Conferences and Seminars

International Congress on Polo's Theory of Knowledge (September 15-17, University of Navarra, Spain)

The University of Navarra is organizing and International Congress on the topic "Leonardo Polo's Theory of Knowledge: Between Metaphysical Tradition and Contemporary Philosophy". More information may be found here.

Recent Conferences and Seminars

Seminar “El Logos en el pensamiento de Leonardo Polo” by José Ignacio Murillo (University of Navarra)

A video of José Ignacio Murillo's seminar on the "Logos in Leonardo Polo's Thought" can be found here.


Journal of Polian Studies, no. 2 (2015)

The Journal of Polian Studies published its second number.
Printed copies can be purchased here.
The complete issue in pdf can be downloaded here.
Digital versions of individual the articles can be found here

TRANSLATION: Human Feelings by Leonardo Polo

Jesús Ignacio Falgueras Salinas & Ignacio Falgueras Sorauren (University of Malaga)
Man as a Dualizing Beeing: The Anthropological Foundations of Economic Activity

 John Branya (Strathmore University)
Person and Culture in Leonardo Polo's Anthropology

Paul Dumol (University of Asia and the Pacific)
Making Sense of the Claim thet Beauty is Knowledge

Juan José Sanguineti (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross)
The Unity of Biological System in Polo's Philosophy

José Victor Oron Semper (University of Navarra)
Leonardo Polo's Integrative Dynamic as a Philosophical Framework for Understanding Neuroscience

Alvino-Mario Fantini (Leiden University)
Surprised by Polo

​Daan van Schalkwijk (Amsterdam University College)
Polo's Challenge to Biologists in his Introduction to Philosophy

James Herrick (University of Notre Dame)
Ethics, Engineering and the Instrumental Plexus: an Analysis of Engineering in Light of Leonardo Polo's Philosophy of Work

Miscelánea Poliana, no. 53 (2016)

Miscelánea Poliana, no. 53 (2015) presents papers from the AEDOS Fourth Study Seminar on Polo's Philosophy: His Thought Regarding the Family (Madrid, December 5, 2015).

Ignacio Falgueras: La familia vista por un filósofo
Blanca Castilla: Coexistencia e índole familiar de la persona
Juan García: Persona y familia
Graciela Soriano: La vinculación personal, raíz del compromiso y la fidelidad según la antropología trascendental de Polo

Miscelánea Poliana, no. 52 (2015)

Miscelánea Poliana, no. 52 (2015) publishes two translations of Polo into Italian and a study by Mª José Franquet.

Traducciones al italiano de textos de Polo
La storia della filosofia moderna e contemporanea (Trad. Valentina Rocco).
Le quattro dimensioni dell'abbandono del limite mentale (Trad. Silvia Gottardo).
Mª José Franquet: Congruencia, presencia y límite mental.
Silvia Carolina Martino: Diez temas centrales para la formación de empresarios éticos, innovadores y emprendedores. La propuesta de Polo.

Estudios filosóficos polianos (2/2015)

Estudios filosóficos polianos publishes their second issue in a  first and second part, covering articles from the 1st International Study Days "Freedom, Religion, and Laicism in the 21st Century" (San Juan, Argentina, August 6-8, 2015). 

Books on Polo

Filosofía biológica de Leonardo Polo (by Josemaría Torres López )

Josemaría Torres has published Filosofía biológica de Leonardo Polo, which studies Polo's understanding of life and living beings. 

Call for Papers

Journal of Polian Studies: Call for Papers 

The Journal of Polian Studies calls for Papers for its third issue (September 2016). Deadline for submissions is May, 10, 2016.

Estudios filosóficos polianos: Call for Papers

The journal Estudios filosóficos polianos calls for papers for its 2016 issue.
Featured Works by Polo Online (in Spanish)

“Prólogo” a Anuario filosófico (1975)

In 1975, Leonardo Polo wrote the prologue to the philosophy journal Anuario filosófico, published by the University of Navarra. In this Prologue, Polo pays homage to Josemaria Escriva, the founder of the university, who had passed away earlier that year. Read the article here.
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