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International Congress

Transcendence and Love for a New Global Society
August 1-2, 2016
Center for Thought of John Paul II, Warsaw, Poland


The International Association of Philosophical Anthropology and the Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy (USA) with the collaboration of the Center of the Thought of John Paul II (Poland) and the Cardinal Stefan Wyzsynski University (Poland) presents the International Congress Transcendence and Love for a New Global Society.

The Congress will take place in English, and seeks to gather English speaking scholars from throughout the world to explore the implications of Philosophical Anthropology and Ethics in the varied fields of Human Action, Culture, and History. Among many philosphers who have approached the problem of Love and Transcendence such as Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, Scheler, Mauss, von Hildebrand, Arendt, Derrida, Ricoeur, etc., we propose to focus on the anthropological discoveries of John Paul II and Leonardo Polo which are very relevant to the challenge of proposing a ‘logic of gift’ and building a ‘culture of love’ open to Transcendence.

Topics for Papers and Presentations

The Congress welcomes the submission of abstracts for papers (from professors and academics) and presentations (from students) that draw from a wide range of topics involving John Paul II and Leonardo Polo's ethics and philosophical anthropology. 

Presentation of papers (by professors) will be limited to twenty minutes (+ 10 min for questions) and should be in English. Presentations by students will be limited to fifteen minutes (+5 min for questions) and should also be in English.

Possible areas to be explored may include:

Area 1: The Biological Sciences and Philosophical Anthropology
The notion of life. Human nature and human essence; received life-added life. Theory of evolution and adaption of non-hominid animals; implications of tool use with regard to evolution. The human world as instrumental plexus. The mind-body problem.

Area 2: Metaphysics and Anthropology: Nature, Essence and Existence
Topics related to anthropology of the human essence. Subjectivity and human essence as availing-of; having and giving; the will and freedom. The modern problem of the "I".

Area 3: Culture of Love: Law, Language, Communications, History and Society 
The filial character of the human being. Friendship. Social action theory. The world as instrumental plexus; technology; philosophy of work. Language and communication. Philosophy of law. Philosophy of culture; society. Philosophy of history. 

Area 4: Towards a logic of gift in Economics and Business Ethics 
Cooperation and civil society. Philosophy of economics; trade; money; market; supply and demand. Business and society. The vocation of the business man. Distributive justice. Business ethics.

Area 5: Dimensions of Human Action: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Philosophy of Religion
Ethics. Habits and virtues. St. John Paul II’s and Polo's  Ethics in relation with other ethical systems. Implications of philosophical anthropology of St. John Paul II and Leonardo Polo in the various dimensions of human life and therefore in the various disciplines of university studies (architecture, engineering, medicine, law, political theory, biology, psychology, education, leadership, ecology, etc.). Emphasis on how all these dimensions and disciplines require a philosophical understanding of the human being (focus on the essence of man). Aesthetics. Philosophy of Art. Philosophy of Religion.

Area 6: Family, Sexuality and Human Love
Human typologies. Family as a change agent. The new role of women in society. Affectivity and youth. Man and woman identity. The experience of the human love. Family as image of God.

More Information and Registration

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