Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy Newsletter (no. 9)
Novemeber 2014
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Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy
Recent Conferences and Seminars

International Conference "Spirits in Time" (Madrid, September 29, 2014)

The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy in cooperation with the Chair of Business Ethics of the IESE Business School and the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome, Italy) organized the International Conference Spirits in Time: Person, Action, and Culture in Leonardo Polo’s Ethics in Madrid on September 29, 2014.
Spirits in Time, held in English, gathered together more that 60 scholars from 17 different countries to explore the implications of Polo’s anthropology and ethics in the varied fields of human action, culture, and history.

Pictures from the conference may be found on our Facebook page.

Videos of the main speakers may be found on our YouTube page:
The Dualities of Ethics by Juan Fernando Sellés (University of Navarra)
Leonardo Polo and the Mind-Body Problem by José Ignacio Murillo (University of Navarra)
Making Sense of the Claim that Beauty Is Knowledge by Paul Dumol (University of Asia and the Pacific)

International Conference "El Abandono del Límite Mental" (Bogota, Columbia, August 25-27, 2014)

The Department of Philosophy of the Universidad de La Sabana (Columbia) hosted the International Conference "El Abandono del Límite Mental" on August 25-27, 2014.

Conference : Friendship in Leonardo Polo's Philosophy and Life (University of Piuru, Peru, August 2014)

The University of Piura held a few days of conferences and a seminar in honor of Leonardo Polo in August of this year. A summary of these events was published by Cristhian Rojas with the tittle "La amistad en la filosofía -y vida- de Leonardo Polo: el recuerdo de un maestro" ("Friendship in Leonardo Polo's philosophy--and life: memories of a master") in UDEP hoy.

Seminar "Los primeros principios y el límite mental" (Malaga, Spain, July 4, 2014)

The University of Malaga and the Instituto de estudios filosóficos Leonardo Polo held a seminar on "The first principles and the mental limit" in Polo on July 4, 2014.

Miscelánea poliana, number 48

Miscelánea poliana has published it's latest issue (number 48). This number includes articles by Fernando Haya ("La sanción heurística de la no contradicción. Sobre la defensa aristotélica del primer principio"), Jorge Mario Posada ( "'Logos' de la persona humana como unificación del inteligir habitual"), Priscila Sulkerine Guerra Lamadrid ("El dinamismo del don en la persona y en la sociedad, una propuesta desde la antropología trascendental de Leonardo Polo") and Juan A. García González ("Nota sobre presencia y límite en el libro póstumo de Polo").

New Journal: Estudios Filosóficos Polianos

The Centro de Estudios Raffaella Cimatti of Argentina has published the first issue of its new Journal Estudios Filosóficos Polianos, which includes articles by Juan Fernando Sellés and Miriam Dolly Arancibia.
Articles and Presentations Conquering mental castles

Daan van Schalkwijk published an article on with the title "Conquering mental castles". In this article the author observes that Western philosophy has acquired the habit of thinking of men as machines and asks how this can be overcome.

"An Innovative Philosophical Proposal: Leonardo Polo's Anthropology of the Intimacy"

Miriam Dolly Arancibia of the Centro de Estudios Raffaella Cimatti (Argentina) has written an article on Polo's anthropology of the intimacy.

Presentation: Leonardo Polo's Transcendental Anthropology

Aliza Racelis has uploaded her Power Point presentation on Leonardo Polo's Transcendental Anthropology on
Online Discussions

Polianos: The problematic

The blog Polianos considers a fragment from Polo on "the problematic".

Preguntas polianas

The blog Preguntas polianas continues with various questions, among which are: In one word, what is being free?
Books and Studies on Polo

J. A. García González (editor): Escritos en memoria de Leonardo Polo

The papers given during the international conference held in Malaga on the occasion of the first anniversary of Leonardo Polo's death has been published in two volumes with the title Escritos en memorial de Leonardo Polo ("Writings in Memory of Leonardo Polo").

Sidnei Fresneda Herrera: Las virtudes según Leonardo Polo

Sidnei Fresneda Herrera has finished a research project on Polo at the University of Navarre with the title Las virtudes según Leonardo Polo ("The virtues according to Leonardo Polo").
Featured Works by Polo Online (in Spanish)

“La cuestión de la esencia extramental” (1971)

In 1971, Polo published an article in Anuario filosófico on "The question of the extramental essence". In this early work, Polo works out the some of the consequences of the fourth dimension of the abandonment of the mental limit. He would later develop this dimension in his Course on the Theory of Knowledge, especially in volume IV, published in 1996. 
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