Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy Newsletter (no. 7)
February - March 2014
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Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy

New Works by Polo

Posthumous Work by Polo Published: Epistemología, creación y divinidad.

A posthumous work by Polo titled Epistemología, creación y divinidad [Epistemology, Creation, and Divinity] has been published by Eunsa. In this work, which was completed shortly before his death, Polo seeks to highlight and frame how his understanding of philosophy is linked with and is orientated toward Christo-logical knowledge.

Unpublished work by Polo: "Un fragmento sobre el elemento del pensar"

An unpublished work by Polo titled, "Un fragmento sobre el elemento del pensar" ["A fragment about the element of thinking"] has been published in the latest issue of Studia Poliana.

New English Translations of Polo's Works

English Translation of Polo: "Why a Transcendental Anthropology?"

An English translation of the last chapter of Polo's El presente y futuro del hombre ("¿Porque una antropología trascendental?") has been published as an ebook with the title Why a Transcendental Philosophy? The ebook can be purchased at or at the iBookstore

Journals and Studies

Studia Poliana no. 16 (2014)

The latest issue of Studia Poliana has been published by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Navarre. This issue focuses on a comparative study of Polo's philosophy and Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason". The contents can be found here.

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Studia Poliana no. 17 (2015)

The journal Studia Poliana has put out a call for papers for it's 2017 issue which will focus on the relation between the philosophies of Leonardo Polo and Xavier Zubiri.


Malaga (Spain): International Conference on the Philosophy of Leonardo Polo (February 8, 2014)

An international conference on the philosophy of Leonardo Polo took place the occasion of the first anniversary of his death in Malaga (Spain).
Online Discussions and Blogs

Polianos: the Mental Presence

The blog Polianos opens the discussion on weather Polo's distinction of six types of mental presence in his latest book Epistemolgía, creación y divinidad involves a novelty in his philosophy.

Estudios Polianos: Commentary on Â¿Quién es el hombre?

The blog Estudios Polianos begins its commentary on ¿Quién es el hombre?, first considering man facing problems and then the limitations of the analytic method.

Preguntas Polianos: Human Essence and the Essence of the Universe

The blog Preguntas Polianos asks, "How is human essence distinguished from the essence of the universe?" and many other questions.

El hábito de sindéresis: Co-existence and Freedom; the Will

The blog El hábito de sindéresis comments on "The will as appetite or as tendency" and on "Co-existence and freedom."
Featured Work by Polo Online (in French)

Presentation at the conference on  "L'université a la recherche d'elle-même: le rôle de l'université" (September 1966)

This early work by Leonardo Polo was first published in French 1966 in La table ronde (Paris, France) in 1966 from a conference on the role of the university. In it Polo considers the relation between logical formalism and intellectual operations and seeks to bridge the gap between philosophy and the sciences. At the roundtable discussion C. Blasi, G. Bonani, Ch. Duggan, V. Filippone, H. Gouhier, A. Hartley, J. Ladriere, A. Piettre, P. Prini, G.H. Radkowski, R. Saumells, and G. Vattimo were also present.
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