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GM 17.-19. December
Follow-up from Open Offices
Financial report

Hello Robin Hood members & members to be!

It has been a busy and and successful year for the coop. There are now over 830 members from over 30 countries around the world. The picture below is from mailchimp (the service we use to send group e-mails) analysis of where the last newsletter has been opened most frequently: the more opens, the darker the grey. (US and Finland in the lead, and in, e.g., whole Africa no opens. The large number of opens in US is, we believe, also due to the prevalence of .com e-mail addresses for people living outside the US).


General meeting

As announced last week, the yearly general members meeting of the coop will be held on December 17.-19. in This will be by far the biggest GM so far in terms of participants.

We have found Loomio relatively easy to use once one gets the hang of it. If you want to learn how it works beforehand, Loomio has instructions here and an instructional video.

The full, detailed agenda will be present in the meeting site at Loomio. All members will get an individual invite link via e-mail during Wednesday.

If you are a member but don't get an invite contact



Follow-up from Open Offices

This year has seen a number of Open Offices and smaller Robin Hood gatherings – in Milan, London, Helsinki, Athens and Amsterdam.

Both live and follow-up material from these has been posted on Twitter and Facebook, so it is a good idea to follow those channels.

From the London Open Office there is a trove of video material in this
YouTube Playlist. Videos and photos from Athens can be found in this thread on the discussion forums and from Amsterdam here. As always, these videos and materials are the work of committed volunteers (except for Amsterdam, where the material is from the organising Institute for Network Cultures), so warmest thanks to them! (We are looking at you, Daniel Hassan, Ofer Kan-Tor, Harri Homi and others).


Financial report

A word from Sakari:

Hello Robins!

From the beginning Robin portfolio is now up 18,56%. During the same period SPX is up 61,19%.
From the beginning of 2015 Robin portfolio is down -10,22% vs. 1,83% of SPX (see below).

Yes, I know it does not look right. But the situation is not that bad. We are up with Microsoft (MSFT) almost 50%. We are down on quite young, almost startup companies like Ovascience (OVAS). Because companies like Ovascience do not make money yet they consume their capital while building up the business. That makes them vulnerable to all kind of rumours and short sellers. We have to be patient with those companies. The breakout may be right around the corner or 2016.

Since there is a lot of manipulation in the market I will decrease our exposure to that by extending our diversification. Next year we will have smaller positions with higher number of the best stocks.

Happy investing,


Be proud of being part of such movement. Being a member of our cooperative is a significant political stand and way to increase your financial autonomy. 




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15th December 2015

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