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Hello Robins and Robinas!

A special welcome to all the new members, and a thank you to the old ones for your dedication and continuous support! We have had an influx of members and overall interest growth since we launched the Robin Hood Projects and have been featured on Keiser Report. In the two years we have been functioning, we have collected over 100.000 euros in profits for our members and projects.

Be proud of being part of such movement. 
Being a member of our cooperative is a significant political stand and way to increase your financial autonomy. 

Please, help us continue
 by spreading the word. For example, forward this letter! 

1. New website launched! 
2. Milan Open Office and "Rethink How" Operation  
3. Selection of Projects to be funded 
4. Blockchain workshop outcomes 
5. Member Survey Results
6. Financial Report 
22nd April 2015
7. Upcoming offices


Our new website is up and running! Apart from some details and layout fine tuning, we are excited about the new streamlined look and feel. What do you think? Take a look at
High five to all of you who volunteered to work on getting the new website together! Next we update our back office functionalities and the payment side. This task is already started and will take until July. Expect some little bumps on the road, but it should all go smoothly. We are working on giving you a better member experience. 



Between May 1-5, Robin's office team gathered at MACAO, and participated in the AB-STRIKE platform actions and discussion panel.

The office workshop concentrated on RH's future stage. There are several parts to this, being the website the most visible one. The team also planned the design and introduction of a new financial vehicle, initially called ”Hood Note”. The new 'product' is based on structured finance and the new developments around financial technologies, particularly the blockchain, alongside with start-up methods and possibilities. There is a ”Grey Paper” on these matters HERE. Take a look and let’s discuss! 

In addition, RH and MACAO are collaborating on a project called Rethink How, which rethinks the situation of contemporary workers using EXPO 2015 as its context. It operates alongside the process of the Milan Protocol, and its vision of a more sustainable world. Rethink How provides additional methods of information gathering and channels of influence. It engages with the workers in a live situation, with their real questions, problems and possibilities. The project is ongoing in Milan, and is currently building the infrastructure for its operations. 

After Milano part of the team followed to Venice Biennale in order to initiate negotiations with key players of the arts and curating scenes from different countries. We are hoping for news on concrete outcomes soon. 



You can take a look at the 50 wonderful projects proposed for RH to invest in. Go ahead and <3 your favourite proposals, look for the sign in the lower right corner of each project.

A selection committee of 3 members was nominated randomly out of 12 volunteers. Check out the lottery video. Congratulations to the lucky new "Triumvirate": Jukka Luoto, Brian Massumi and Catarina Saraiva! Their work has started and their consensual decision will be ready before the next general meeting. We will present them and their thoughts on RH and the creation of the commons in more detail soon. 

Any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding projects, just write to: 

And spread the word!
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We got 110 answers! Now we know that over 80% of our members are men, and most of them in their thirties. Of all our members 41% are employed, 40% self-employed, 10% studying, and 9% retired. A typical member makes around 20.000 euros a year and has invested 600 euros in Robin Hood. Most of members have less than 25.000 euros in investable assets (money that is not your food, home, or business).
It made us very happy that 46% of the members, who answered the survey, have been members for over a year - thank you for your continued interest! Most members had joined because they would like to help to democratize the financial world, they were interested to support the political movement, and the idea of using the parasite to follow powerful investors was exciting to them.
We also got valuable feedback and wonderful improvement ideas. People wanted to hear more often about us, and suggested new services and product ideas. Stay tuned! We heard you. We are working on new stuff!


RH has been taking part in important cryptocurrency blockchain development meetings. First one of the three day events was held in January at MIT and Harvard, continuing at Stanford University and Institute for the Future, in March. A selected group of key technology players, thought leaders, lawyers, and entrepreneurs around the globe gathered to work together.
The focus was to push forward blockchain technologies at different fronts; We examined the interplay between blockchain technologies and society, the legal hurdles and the positive changes that can be created with it.
We are convinced that blockchain technologies will help us update the cooperative form into this century, increase its flexibility, its p2p nature and the options our members have at hand.
Akseli gave a presentation at Harvard and Stanford. We made a lot of new friends, and the workshops will continue in London in June. If you have time, come and join.

For more info check out the following links:
Blockchain workshops

Distributed collaborative organization
Coin center Reporting back from workshops

Cryptocoins news
MIT director Joi Ito, How Blockchain is like or not like the internet

5. FINANCIAL REPORT 22nd April 2015

From the beginning Robin portfolio is now up 43,35%. During the same period SPX is up 60,51%. From the beginning of 2015 Robin portfolio is up 8,55% vs. 1,40% of SPX (see bellow). SPX (green line) outperforms 80% of all US stock funds.

The year has started well for Parasite. With this kind of performance we will reach our yearly target by members meeting in August. But remember, markets are tricky right now.
The current outperformance reflects the market situation: cor­relations between the price changes among stocks start breaking. During up-markets there is a high correlation between the price changes. During these times “shit flies” i.e. also bad stocks go up. In this kind of situation outperformance is difficult. When stocks get fully priced, the correlation gets lower and market direction goes flat (bad stocks drift lower, good stocks higher). That is when the Parasite works the best. This situation typically prevails about two years, so let’s enjoy the ride.
Our focus stock in this report is LyondellBasell Industries (LYB). We started accumulating it in the first half of 2014 and when it was down with oil shares, we added our positions. Why? Because the consensus of the most competent actors - including George Soros - who were doing the same. The stock has earned it’s place as our long term play --- as long as George and friends hang on with it :). In total we have made some $10K profits with it.


London: Mark your calendars. We will be present at the blockchain workshops at LSE 13-16 June.

Athens: We are working on assembling the office in Athens in the Fall. Stay tuned - more information coming as we get further with the plan and arrangements. 


Greetings from Robin Hood!




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One of our software engineers, Dan, was interviewed by Max Keiser at his program Keiser Report. Check it out the video HERE and spread the word. 


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