Newsletter November 2015

General meeting
  • New York 13.-14.11.
  • Athens 16.-21.11.
  • Amsterdam 3.-4.12.

Hello Robins!

And a warm welcome to all new members. The coop has been growing nicely during this fall. Now we are over 800 pioneers of finance and commons! Let's keep the momentum going: check out "Hurricane" below on how you can easily spread the word.


First up, we have a wonderful set of videos from the London Open Office in August. Thanks to Daniel Hassan and his collaborators for taking the effort and time to get them ready. The “Let us imagine…” video is already public and the whole London Office youtube playlist will be continually updated in the coming weeks.



Which reminds us … A great many members have already logged in to and lively discussions are going on. However, we are still missing many of you there. One easy way to help the coop is to come to the channel called “Hurricane”. Here we put announcements, such as new videos, interviews etc., that members and friends can share through their social media networks. All it takes is a tweet or a facebook share, and the word about our wonderful venture gets around!


General Members Meeting

The general members meeting for 2015 will be held in December. So look for the invitation in your mailbox soon. We have the usual obligatory stuff on the agenda:
  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Agenda
  3. What happened in 2014-2015
  4. Annual Accounts 2014-2015
  5. Selection of the board

In addition to this, we need to discuss and make decisions on at least the following topics.

Next steps for the coop:

  • what has happened in terms of the development of the coop, "Robin Hood Unlimited", during 2015?
  • what to concentrate on during 2016?
  • how to engage more volunteers in the running of the coop?

Robin Hood Projects:

  • how did it go?
  • do we want to make changes to the process in 2016?

If there is anything else you think should be on the agenda, now is the time to say so. The discussion is on in the forums.

Upcoming Events

Platform Cooperativism, New York
We will be taking part in the Platform Cooperativism event in New York, November 13.-14., with a substantial team:
Benjamin Lozano, Raphaele Chappe, Akseli Virtanen, Caroline Woolard, Rachel O'Dwyer are some of the members present.
If you can come, too, let the others know and set up a chat or meet for drinks later!

Robin Hood Athens Lab
The Athens Lab 16.-21.11. is shaping up to become one of the most exiting Open Offices, not least because of the context; in Greece, in Athens, and coinciding with the Athens Biannale OMONOIA.

We will have a workshop with prominent thinkers on commonfare, meet extensively with local projects and networks, and as a new feature, have a first-ever prototyping session of the second-generation financial tool being developed for the next stage of the coop.

The Lab in Athens has three aspects:

  1. First, we will meet with interested social movements in Athens and try to learn from them everything we can. This takes place in informal meeting around Athens 16-19.11.

  2. Second, we will develop further the concept of finance in terms of new equity relations and commonfare. We will have a workshop on Friday 20.11. and some very interesting thinkers like Carlo Vercellone, Robert Meister and Andrea Fumagalli are coming to work with us.

  3. Third, we will run a testing/prototyping session with the second generation P2P finance platform. Finance as a place of creation session is on Saturday 21.11.15.

For full program, session descriptions and other details, see:


Money Lab #2, Amsterdam
Money Lab #2 will be held in Amsterdam 3.-4. December. In addition to taking part in the conference program, Robin Hood will have a break-out Temporary Amsterdam Office. The program and discussion is here.

Be proud of being part of such movement. Being a member of our cooperative is a significant political stand and way to increase your financial autonomy. 




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