November Update

1. Situation update
2. Oakland Hackathon by ECSA


Hello Robins!

1. Situation update

Since the last newsletter, the core tem, board and our contractor HitFin have been daily working with the new Ethereum-based system. The main bottleneck is developer resources. Our contractor can allocate only one developer to the task – and the task has proven more complicated than expected. From our side, we would be ready to allocate more resources to the development, but finding available Ethereum developers is really hard at this time. So if you know any, let us know. :) Actually, also people willing to do web development and admin would be very helpful, too.

In the meantime, the Ethereum network was under a malicious attack. The problem was quickly solved, but caused days of additional delay as all Ethereum nodes had to be updated. Also, as a result, a second hard fork followed and another is in the works. So we are definetely behind schedule.

However, the good news is that the work is progressing. The books for the fiscal year 2015-2016 have been closed. We are currently in the process of calculating share values for each member in the new system based on the past fiscal year, allocating the actual costs of the year to the shares. Once that is done, the old series-wise shares will be replaced by issuing new blockchain-based shares (first on a private testnet, and when everything has been tested, on the public Ethereum blockchain). We will posting regular updates on how the work is going here:

Unfortunately, the delay also means that the member pages are still unavailable. We are working as hard as we can to have the new system running, so that the member pages become live again.

Speaking of books being closed: the next step is audit of the books by Ernst & Young and then we can have the Annual General Meeting. Watch this space.

2. Oakland Hackathon by ECSA

Our sister organisation, Economic Space Agency, is organising an extended weekend of workshops and hackathons in Oakland, California. Here is the invitation:

"Open Invitation: Welcome pioneers, explorers, and architects of the new economic future. Join us this November 11 - 14 as we work together on projects using peer-to-peer (P2P) finance and new decentralization technologies to push boundaries of how society uses economies to coordinate, collaborate, and organize itself. We have exciting projects from distinguished friends and colleagues around the world creating new economic forms of relating to each other and our environment. Come learn, play, and share in a community of econauts and ecotects who are ushering in a larger movement of greater social possibilities for an evolving society."

And you can find the whole program here.

You are most welcome, and tell your friends, too! ECSA is boldly continuing the financial and social innovations whose first fruit is the coop. As you can see from the program, there is whole spectrum of exiting technological and organizational developments to take further.


We are now 926 at the time of writing this! And with the new exciting tools we will surely hit the 1000 mark soon.

Keep your networks informed, come discuss at the forum and volunteer if you can!


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