FC2 for You is a photo journal of FC2 female condom programmes supported by the Female Health Company. Every two months this photo journal gives our audience a glimpse of the amazing work these agencies do to ensure women and men have access to and enjoy using FC2 to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and Zika.

January 2017
First ever cross-country learning exercise

Our partner in Africa, Pathfinder International, organized a cross-country learning exercise. The first of its kind in the history of FC2!
With the support of The Female Health Company (FHC) through the FC2 Project for Pathfinder International in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Nigeria, this activity was designed to share experiences on the promotion and advancement of FC2. Pathfinder International project officers and Ministry of Health representatives from 4 of the Pathfinder countries traveled to Mozambique, the Pathfinder host country that facilitated a learning/exchange through field visits and meetings in several provinces and Maputo city.
Pathfinder country representatives exchanged best practices on FC2 programming and education in their respective countries. They visited school health programs and peer education projects in the Maputo province, the Abevamo Association – a women’s group that consists of female sex workers and activists, the provincial AIDS council, youth-friendly srh services, and a men’s group. This is the integrated approach Female Health Company is so proud of!
FC2 on US radio

You never know what gems of wisdom are going to come through your radio or computer. Dallas listeners learned this on December 1st, 2016 when DeDe in the morning gave her listeners an education on the FC2 Female Condom. Listen as Chris Howel, of Chris Howell Foundation, teaches DeDe and her listeners about FC2.  

You find the radio piece on Scroll down to the listen to the radio segment.

 The Chris Howell Foundation is a Dallas based 501 ( c ) 3 organization, that provides HIV/AIDS education and testing, to high risk communities. For more information regarding testing, or how you can be involved, please go to their

Africa Healthcare Awards

The Female Health Company has been shortlisted to the final of the Africa Healthcare Awards 2017 - for two categories:

Outstanding Contribution to Africa - For our work with the FC2 Female Condom.

Solution of the Year Award - For our new female condoms in different colors and scents!

Thanks to the Africa Healthcare Award's selection committee for this recognition! Fingers crossed for the finals, 14 February in London, at the Africa Healthcare Summit.


Will we see you at any of the following conferences in the next three months?

Africa Healthcare Summit London, UK.

National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association National Conference Washington D.C., USA – Come say hi at our booth!

Africa Healthcare Agenda International Conference Nairobi, Kenya. Come say hi at our booth or catch us at the poster presentations with our partner dance4life.
Female Condom fun
Special thanks to our distributor and partner Glyde Health in Australia for the close collaboration end of last year! Glyde Health has been a tireless advocate of the FC2 in Australia for over a decade. FHC conducted a series of workshops in and around Sydney and Melbourne at Family Planning clinics and government-supported SRHR programs, including this fun group of the HARP (HIV/AIDS and Related Programs) Unit in Warrawong, NSW, who did an excellent imitation of an imaginary Oprah Winfrey giving out female condoms: “And YOU get a female condom, and YOU get a female condom, everyone gets a female condom!”
OneWorld published this insightful article by Nargis Shirazi Baguma – co-founder of WO-MAN and health-talkshow host in Uganda: ‘Debunking myths on sex and contraceptives in Uganda’.

(translated from Dutch) I met a couple of young women recently, around 20 years old, all uni-students. They think the female condom gives them the power of having control over safe sex themselves. "When I first heard about the female condom I was positively surprised, and I realized I no longer had to be dependent on men. A great feeling!"

Spot on! Our Master Trainers spend a good deal of time during their trainings of trainers debunking myths and talking openly about the misconceptions that exist about the female condom. In almost all cases people walk out with a new, positive vision of the female condom.

Read the full article in Dutch here.
World AIDS Day in South Africa

In the lead up to World AIDS Day the HIV/AIDS/STI/TB (HAST) Coordinator in Saldanha Bay, Western Cape (South Africa) planned several STI/HIV Prevention workshops where our Master Trainer Maya Gokul could discuss, demonstrate and promote FC2. Several trainings were organized at the Military Base, where 500 young men and women are training to be Navy Officers.

The other pictures were taken end November in four different municipalities, where Maya worked with TB/HIV Care, an NGO that provides HIV Counseling and Testing. All municipal employees, mostly men and some women, came for counselling and testing. While they were waiting, Maya promoted FC2 as a safe sex tool.

Curious what she discussed there about ‘values clarification’ and the benefits of condom use? Learn about them in our Digital Education Series!
Do you know the pictures from our flyers by heart yet? We thought it was time for some fresh faces! We are currently working on redesigning our education and promotional materials.  Materials will be suitable for providers and partners to use worldwide – available in French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and some in Zulu and Afrikaans! Check out the FC2 Resources section on our website for a sneak peak of our new posters.
Where to find FC2 around the world?

Find the answer on our website’s interactive world map! All our distributors can be found here, as well as their contact info. Download the Pdf or simply click on the map.
Where to find FC2 in your area?

New York State:
Organization/Agencies: Complete the necessary form with the New York State Department of Health to receive FREE FC2 Female Condoms for your organization.

New York City:
Organizations/Agencies: You can request FREE FC2 Female Condoms and re-order as needed, just email:


Free condoms in the city of brotherly love
Free FC2 for Citizens of Philadelphia between 13 and 19 years of age.
DC's Doin It & Rubber Revolution

Our US-based Judy Palmore spoke to Adrienne Barksdale, Social Work Intern at the DC Department of Health - HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration (HAHSTA).

She asked her: What makes DC’s Rubber Revolution and DC’s Doin’ It FC2 Program so special?

 “Access to FC2 within the District of Columbia makes our program special. When I give presentations in the community agencies ask ‘where can I get FC2’, and I tell them with confidence ‘it’s easy and we have them in abundance’”. “Access is the most important thing”. 

 Organizations can request FC2 on-line on rubber revolution or call into HAHSTA and fill out a form (condom pick up order form) FC2 comes in bags of #100; they can request whatever quantities they want.  Condom distribution program and then the organization picks up every Wednesday from 9 – 4 PM.

 Not an organization, but an individual looking for FC2?  Try here.
“Female condoms are life-saving! Especially for young people. No stress, no mess! No agony about pregnancy or HIV. Nothing! You are stress-free!”

Love Matters Africa gives you a sneak-peek into one of the trainings by our Master Trainer Maya Gokul, in this short report on their website.
Columbia training activities are still going strong with FC2 Female Condoms and training materials!
#FPCrisis – still relevant!

‘The world is facing a crisis in funding for international family planning programmes, which are essential to supporting the rights and health of women everywhere. UNFPA Supplies, the largest global programme for family planning and the world's largest provider of donated contraceptives, currently has a funding gap of about $850 million.’ (Source: UNFPA)
The Female Health Company works closely with UNFPA and local governments to set up sustainable female condom programs. However, without the necessary funding for procurement, we see a decline in female condom programs with governments all over the world, especially in Africa. FHC would like to draw donor’s attention to these issues as these programs, along with programs run by partners in the field, play a significant role in ensuring gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights for women worldwide.

Campaign of the Brazilian Ministry of Health bets on combined prevention to combat new HIV/AIDS infections. 

The new Ministry of Health HIV / AIDS prevention
campaign has been launched. With the slogan: "AIDS, choose your prevention", the pieces are based on the combined prevention approach, which, according to the Ministry of Health, is to inform people about various ways to prevent and the possibility to choose the one that best suits your needs or characteristics.

In addition to the use of condoms and PEP, the campaign focuses on the need for HIV testing, especially at the beginning of pren
atal care, which is the case for pregnant women. "If the mother's outcome is positive, there are protocols that can prevent transmission of the virus to the baby. In addition, the sooner the person knows he is infected, the sooner he or she can start treatment. Thus, it avoids the development of the disease and the cycle of transmission of the virus to other people, since in treatment the viral load tends to be undetectable, "says Adele Benzaken, director of the Department of STIs, HIV / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis

The campaign also calls for the use of condoms as a form of protection against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). According to the MoH, treating one of these infections, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes or other STIs, decreases the chances of HIV infection. An STI increases the chances of a person becoming infected with HIV in unprotected sex by up to 18 times.

The campaign includes two short movies. Brazil embraces a diverse audience by addressing young people from a widely varying demographic: pregnant women, homosexual couples, heterosexuals and trans women.

The Female Health Company applauds the Brazilian MOH for their efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS!
Job Vacancies

We are hiring! The Female Health Company is looking for three dynamic and passionate individuals to join our team. Deadlines for the position of Business Development Manager Asia and Senior Technical Advisor applications are 31 January. Deadline for the position of Training and Education Coordinator is February 3rd. Sharing in your network is highly appreciated.

Please refer to the careers section on our website.
Zika factsheet

Our fabulous and always hardworking partner CHANGE has come up with a very useful Zika factsheet. We translated it into Spanish. Everything you need to know about Zika transmission and protection on two pages.
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