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FC2 for You is a photo journal of FC2 female condom programmes supported by the Female Health Company. Each quarter this photo journal gives our audience a glimpse of the amazing work these agencies do to ensure women and men have access to and enjoy using FC2 to protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV.

June 2016

Advocates for Youth in Burkina Faso

We are always proud to share the work of passionate organizations and individuals in the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights field. This photo was sent to us by Advocates for Youth, who are doing work in Leo; rural Burkina Faso. They have been doing female condom practice sessions for leaders at the local youth association. The Female Health Company donated demonstration models and female condoms to make these sessions possible, transforming their training from 2-D to 3-D!

Women Deliver Conference Copenhagen

What a week it was! Countless inspiring women, men, girls and boys visited our booth at the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen from May 16 to May 19. From young Eastern European girl-activists who were born with HIV, to Moroccan (self-defined) child bride victims from small towns who now fight for better access to contraceptives for their communities, to Ugandan male youth activists who remembered our female condom demo so well they wanted to show it to other visitors  at our booth!

FHC has always been committed to girls and women - that's what this company was founded for in the first place! So we felt at home amongst the 5500+ visitors and organizers who were there to get inspired and to show case  how to make the Sustainable Development Goals work for women and girls.  As we were also a part of the Holland House (The Dutch Approach to SRHR-booth) we jointly committed - with our Dutch partners including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - to continue to improve our integrated, holistic, inclusive approach to SRHR. New partnerships; cross-sectoral and public-private, are in the making. Shout out to the Women Deliver team for a successful week! 

Matchmaking at Women Deliver: #PPPMatch

The Female Health Company declared itself Women Deliver’s (unofficial) matchmaker! We ran a Public-Private-Partnership ‘Dating’ Wall. Many interesting and enthusiastic individuals, organizations and companies posted ads, eager for new connections. We are sharing 1 ad a day on Twitter @FC2FemaleCondom with hashtag #PPPMatch. So follow us on Twitter and find new connections!
Online Publications Corner

Would you like to read some more personal accounts from the people working for FHC? Check out FPVoices for stories by our Director of Global Market Development Denise van Dijk, Master Trainer Maya Gokul, and Consultant Project Management Iris Weges (Don’t forget to check out the other inspiring stories as well!)
We also got published by the inspiration blog run by the UN EmpowerWomen:
Sexual and Reproductive Control: the Vital Underpinning of Women’s Economic Empowerment, the South African Health & Wellness magazine the Health Chronicle Knowing your options: the female condom, and the largest Dutch marketing website Marketingtribune (in Dutch).
And that’s not all. Check out this blog by the world’s first specialty condom shop de Condomerie 
‘Female condom comfortable’, this podcast by Belgian sexperts VuileLakens (in Dutch/Flemish) or (for visuals!) this new sex education website Wipsite by two female graphic designers, also from the lowlands.

Zika virus update: most important info

In our previous newsletter we reported on the spread of the Zika virus. The Female Health Company responded by donating 30.000 female condoms and training materials to Honduras, El Salvador and Columbia and continues to be in touch with local partners about further action. Zika, a sexually transmittable disease that is also carried by mosquitoes, has been linked to microcephaly, a rare disease that causes abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains in newborn babies. The world is slowly learning about the effects of the virus, the way it functions, and how to prevent it. There is a lot we still don’t know. But one thing we do know is that the most effective way to prevent Zika transmission for sexually active adults is by using female or male condoms. Here’s a recap of the most important info:

Sexual transmission of Zika is possible and more common than initially thought
Late sexual transmission of Zika is related to persistence in semen (The virus can persist in semen for up to 62 days after the beginning of the infection, according to The Lancet via Share-Net international)
W.H.O.’s advice is to delay pregnancy in areas with Zika transmission (Current advice is to delay pregnancy for at least 8 weeks, also after having visited a country that has been infected)
W.H.O. recommends safer sexual practices. They include postponing sexual debut; non-penetrative sex; correct and consistent use of male or female condoms; and reducing the number of sexual partners
See here for the W.H.O. interim guidance update and here for their strategic response plan, June 2016
Find W.H.O. recommendations in other languages here

Latin America Partner spotlights 

Puerto Rico

We have a new retail distributor in Puerto Rico who is working diligently to expand availability of the FC2 Female Condom in the commercial sector in Puerto Rico. She also has been working on the Public Health Side attending several Conferences representing The Female Health Company, including the 5th Annual Public Health Conference and COOPharma. Please welcome Shelley Otereo, an innovative leader with experience in pharmaceutical and health care services for the past 15 years. Ms. Otero works with a diverse team in Bayamon Puerto Rico supporting  FHC as advocates, educators and promoters of the FC2 Female Condom throughout the Island.  This very resourceful team player with her long term experience working stateside as well also locally in Puerto Rico will be providing knowledge and effective support directly in the Island.


 The International Coalition of Women (ICW) Chile received a small grant and donation of 1000 FC2 female condoms from the Female Health Company for training purposes. ICW will carry out training in four regions of Chile over the next six months. FHC also contributed  educational materials and models for the workshops. See picture above: The fun training ICW Chile conducted at EPES Foundation with the participation of health leaders and social and feminist organizations from the El Bosque community. More fun pictures to follow!
Find the
Press release here (en

Costa Rica

Daria Suárez Rehaag (left) and Ana Gabriela Solano Rojas (right),
the Legal Representatives for ASID S.A. (Asesorías Internacionales en Salud Integral y Desarrollo ),  FHC’s partner/distributor in Costa Rica showing the FC2 registration certificate. It took quite some time to get female condoms registered in Costa Rica and we are proud of this achievement. They are doing great work in Costa Rica!

The Department of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis recognizes June 2, International Day for the Prostitute, as the date that honors sex workers. In partnership with sex workers the department carries out the “Live Better Knowing” campaign, which encourages HIV-testing at the workplace. In addition, sex workers are linked to health services and receive information about combined prevention, mainly by provision of male and female condoms.
Have you heard yet about the prevention measure the Brazilian Ministry of Health is taking in preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics? The Ministry will distribute 100,000 of FHC's FC2 Female Condoms to the athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics!


AIDS2016 – Come say hi!

FHC will be at the AIDS 2016 conference in Durban from July 18-22! Come find us at booth 209.

We’ve got something very exciting, very special, we dare say revolutionary in store for you. Come find out for yourself!


South Africa

Meanwhile our Master Trainer Maya Gokul is still going strong, training people all over the African continent. Here you can see her with the enthusiastic group of Professional Nurses from the DP Marias Hospital she trained this month.
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