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I want to take the opportunity to welcome you all at the 41st annual convention of the AMHE. This year, we have chosen the site Atlantis Resort hotel to conduct our activities during the week 20-27 of July 2014. (More)

Scientific Program
41st Annual AMHE Congress
Contribution of innovations in current patient care
July 20-27, 2014

Stuart Leiderman and Aldy Castor, M.D.

Ce printemps, le chikungunya, une maladie virale grave, transmise par des moustiques, s’est abattue sur Haïti. Comme il n'y a pas de vaccin protecteur, la priorité est le contrôle et la réduction de l'habitat des moustiques, et les risques de piqûres à la population. Ce message, qui rend hommage à Alexandre Dumas, père, (1802-1870), dramaturge, historien et auteur d’origine haïtienne, démontre la volonté, le savoir-faire et les ressources des Haïtiens pour combattre le virus. (Suite and English version)


Sickle Cell Clinic Project in Léogane, Haiti

The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE) has launched its first crowdfunding project to build a Sickle Cell Clinic in Léogane, Haiti by 2016. We believe that giving health is building wealth. In this way, the people affected by sickle cell can hope to live healthier lives and overcome the throes of poverty. (More)


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