AMHE Newsletter #186
Dear friend,
A think tank formed by Haitian professionals after the earthquake with members throughout the Diaspora as well as inside the motherland, called GRAHN ( is taking on an ambitious endeavor: La Cité du Savoir near Milot, more precisely Génipailler which will be a planned community, a college town as well as an incubation center…like a mini Silicon Valley. It has partnered with AMHE to create within the Cité du Savoir, a health center ( the website for the project).
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of something socially worthy.
Needless to say, we will need funds to get the health center started. We want to raise at least $400,000 for construction and operating funds initially. We would like this to be a gift to our nation of birth so that generations in the future will assess it as a well thought-out undertaking. We also intend to offer services that address acute and chronic needs of the population at large and the establishment of Centers of Excellence, such as an Eye Center that will handle cataract surgery at a reasonable cost, glaucoma treatment and a Mental Health Center among others.
We are requesting your participation and support that can take any combination of the following:
•    Financial contribution ranging from a patron to have a part of the project named after the self to a modicum sum that your purse can afford or anything in between.
•    In-kind contribution. Several of us have already started to. Our ophthalmologist has already pledged equipment worth of $200,000 to be installed. Other members will donate lab equipment, computers, etc.
Bear in mind that any contribution is tax-deductibe because It will go to AMHE Foundation, a 501C(3) entity.
Please go to the above Pigran website and click on the icon AMHE-GRAHN to donate.
With operating expenses projected at 10%, 90% of contributions will go toward the project.
The New Jersey Chapter of the
Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE- NJ)
invites all Haitian physicians,
nurses and healthcare professionals to its

Spring Physicians’ Dinner Conference
Saturday, April 30, 2016
at 7:00 PM

"Low Back Pain",
Didier Demesmin, MD
Anesthesiology, Pain Management
"education in Haiti"
A Participative Project

Kenilworth Inn
60 South 30th Street
Kenilworth, NJ 07033


Business casual

Admission: Free
Seating is limited

Reserve by replying to this email
or by calling the AMHE-NJ desk, 973 865 1317

Important: No seating is guaranteed without RSVP

Sponsorship: Travel-O-Ganza, the  Travel Club

Next events:
"Night of Wonder": Annual Gala & Award Ceremony,  Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fall Physicians' Dinner Conference, Saturday, October 22, 2016
Happy New Year Celebration, Saturday, January  28, 2017

Just be there!

The 43rd AMHE Scientific Convention:
“Integrative Medicine in the 21 Century.”

July 24 – 31st, 2016


Sickle Cell Clinic Project in Léogane, Haiti

The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE) has launched its first crowdfunding project to build a Sickle Cell Clinic in Léogane, Haiti by 2016. We believe that giving health is building wealth. In this way, the people affected by sickle cell can hope to live healthier lives and overcome the throes of poverty. (More)




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