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General Secretary Corner
Le partenariat prive- public -ONG fonctionne bien dans les hopitaux.

Un nouveau type de partenariat a pris corps en Haiti au cours des vingt dernieres annees.Il s’agit du rapport de proximite existant a l’interieur des hopitaux entre d’une part,l’Etat et les ONG;et de l’autre, le secteur public et le secteur prive.On sait que les hopitaux publics qui offraient un minimum de soin dans le temps, ont ete vite depasses au fil des ans et sont completement denudes,ne se resumant dans la plupart des cas qu’a une caisse vide(boite vide comme on les appelle) incapable de repondre aux besoins des riverains.Les greves a repetition des dernieres semaines dans les hopitaux publics du pays en sont une manifestation de cette incurie qui grangrene nos  institutions sanitaires publiques depuis quelques annees. (Suite)

Quelques nouvelles de la semaine

1.- Board of trustees meeting:

The Booard of trustees, under the guidance of its president, Dr. Ducarmel Augustin has met this past Wednesday,May 18th for its quarterly meeting.The meeting took place between 9:00 pm and 11:30pm Several issues were debated including the financial status of the association,the upcoming convention and the activities within the different chapters. The convention project seems to be going well according to DR.Dole and Dr. Pierre-Louis talked about the different programs and projects being supervised or managed by the AMHE.The name of the association will be changed from Haitian American physicians Abroad,INC.(AMHE)to Haitian Mecical Association Abroad.(AMHE).Of note: The Acronym AMHE will remain unchanged.The meeting went well and we all concurred to meet again in GUANACASTE,
COSTA RICA for our next board meeting in July at the convention.

2.-Healthfair for 500 inmates in Haiti

According to news that was broadcast in :*nouvelles en bref * of Radio kiskeya ,a well known Haitian radio station in Haiti,there will be a healthfair for more than 500 inmates that are incacerted at the biggest penitentiary institution of the country,le penitencier national.This news was announced by Mrs. Mirlande Dupiche prevost,substitut-commissaire,and spoke person at the Parquet of PAUP.,the Equi-valent of the Attorney’s office in the USA. This is a laudable effort that should be encouraged and supported throughout.The high occupancy rate by square meter in an institution that was initially built for 700 inmates, has made the national penitenciary institution a magnet and a reservoir for infectious and contagious diseases.We hope there will appropriate f/u for those cases that are identified and that such activities will be repeated more frequently in the future.

3.-The president of HANA (Haitian Nurses Association) calls for the residents to end their strike.

The President of HANA condemns the strike that the residents started  several weeks ago in a quest for better working environment and to obtain more decent salary from the government..She believes that the residents should have kept  in place   some makeshift structure to assure a minimum of care for the patients who rely so heavily on those institutions.. She hopes that an accord will be found pretty soon to allow the residents to go back to work and make themselves available  again for the benefits of the hundreds if not thousand or more patients who depend on those public institutions for their health care.

Rony  Jean-mary, MD


Other News and Events

Marlène Rigaud Apollon, M.S.


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Marie Michaël Débrosse-Bruno, ITIL, BS, MBA-ISMA
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Saturday, June 11, 2016, 8:00 p.m
Hosted by the New Jersey Chapter
of the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE-NJ)
Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Newark Airport, New Jersey
A Black Tie affair featuring:
a Musical Cocktail Party, a Dinner Show, and a Dance Party
Entertainment with:
Chinese entertainment
Nai Ni Chen Dance Company
DJ Rudy, the International
For overnight stay, call the hotel: 973 690 6500
Contribution: $150.00 (tax deductible)
Only 350 seats available, consider table of 10.
Tickets not sold at the door
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Info: 973 865 1317, or
A Wonder, The Unexpected
Just be There!

Dear friend,
   This is an unheard-of project created by professionals of Haitians ancestry (with like-minded allies of other nationalities) for the establishment of a planned community centered on on education and research. The intent is to use state of the art approach mixed with sound ecologic principles. For example construction materials will be chosen with the goal of minimal carbon emission, alternative energy sources will be sought whenever possible.
Our belief is that if we were able to build the Citadelle Laferriere, then we should be able to accomplish this, no matter how hard it will be (yes it will be difficult, we are not kidding ourselves!!)
I am in charge of the planning committee for the medical clinic that will be part of this plan. I am soliciting your participation at any level. For example, you can commit
1-$25,000 (either personal donation or gather enough people and come up with it) or more and be considered a patron. That will entitle you to have have at minimum to have a plaque with your name. Other possibilities include having an eponymous wing, room, etc.
2-You can commit any amount on an annual basis for next five years.
3-Any combination of financial or in-kind contributions such as equipment, journal subscriptions, books (preferably e-versions), etc.
4- Become part of the project and participate in various committees. My committee is actively seeking affiliation with academic center(s).
Become part of history making and join us at any level you feel comfortable to. Remember, this is a gift of our generation to the motherland. We want to establish an institution that the generations in the future will be proud of, the same way we are awed by the genius that created the Citadelle.
Any financial contribution is tax deductible as it will be made to the AMHE FOUNDATION.
Do take a look at the video and feel free to send me an email in the event you have any questions.
I will soon forward the plan for the medical clinic.

With brotherly love,



AMHE is officially a Foundation in Haiti


Sickle Cell Clinic Project in Léogane, Haiti

The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE) has launched its first crowdfunding project to build a Sickle Cell Clinic in Léogane, Haiti by 2016. We believe that giving health is building wealth. In this way, the people affected by sickle cell can hope to live healthier lives and overcome the throes of poverty. (More)



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