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October 20, 2016
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Welcome to our first newsletter from the Compass Practice Transformation Network! We give clinicians the support and tools needed to thrive in value-based care.
Quality Payment Program Modernizing Medicare to Provide Better Care and Smarter Spending for a Healthier America
The finalized rulings were just announced by the Department of Human Health and Services. Please visit the new QPP website at which will help explain the program as well as help clinicians identify which measures are more appropriate for them.
Take Action! Complete the Following Items by December 26!
  • At least 90 days of baseline data, and one month prior (November) data on a Compass PTN metric
  • Working with Quality Improvement Advisor to complete Transformation/Strategic Plan
  • Continue completion practice assessments

Make sure to join Healthcare Communities where you can access news or events and any additional information regarding the TCPI and Compass PTN.

Attention PTN Participants: WE ARE STILL RECRUITING!

The Compass Practice Transformation Network is one of 29 Practice Transformation Networks funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to provide hands-on quality improvement support and peer-based learning networks to clinicians for the purpose of developing the skills and tools needed to improve care delivery and prepare for successful performance in the value-based health care environment.

Led by eight major health care organizations, the Compass PTN aims to engage more than 7,000 clinicians across the United States who are committed to improving health care quality, safety and outcomes for patients. 

As part of this new federally-funded initiative, participating clinicians and practices will receive quality improvement assistance and tools-at no cost. This includes customized, one-on-one support from a Quality Improvement Advisor to help meet clinical, operational and reporting needs using:
  • Rapid cycle quality improvement
  • Workflow optimization
  • Performance science, including Lean and Six Sigma
Please share this Information Flier with others in your health care community!  We are still recruiting! 
McCrary Rost Clinics Practice Transformation Success
McCrary Rost Clinics in Lake City, Iowa, have been part of the Compass Practice Transformation Network for just under a year. "We believe Compass PTN will continue to help us improve the quality of care we provide to our patients," says Kari Jones, RN, BSN, Chief Nursing Officer of McCrary Rost Clinics."We also anticipate financial rewards and assistance with MIPS and MACRA by being involved in the Compass PTN."
Data Sharing and Gathering
MRC started provider data sharing to see how other providers were doing, and to use best practices to help each other. Finding the most accurate data and utilizing it efficiently has helped MRC thrive in a value based environment.
"We began gathering data six months ago. In that time, we've seen a 22 percent increase in wellness exams completed," Jones says. "This is a fantastic response by our providers and clinic nursing staff to provide quality of care to our patients."
Quality Care Measures
MRC have completed a formal practice assessment with the PAT tool. "The assessment helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses, and confirmed what we already knew - that we provide quality care," Jones says.
Aims were set in quality measures for what MRC would like to see accomplished by the end of the year. They used data with a hypertension measure and gathered data from their EHR. "As we look at that measure and our aim, we've been able to pull in data to determine that we are making strides in the changes that have been made," Jones says.
"Our biggest challenges have been in understanding the quality measures and data (where the data is generated from and what does it mean)," Jones says. "There is so much data within our EHR. It's been challenging to find accurate data and realizing that it's not going to be 100 percent correct all the time. Your data is only as good as it is, and you have to use what you have to move forward."
Patient Benefits
Improved quality care results in wellness for patients is the greatest benefit that MRC has seen in practice transformation. "We are trying to pull in everything we should be doing with the quality of the TCPI and the wellness measures that our patients need with every visit," Jones says.
"With the help of the Compass PTN, our mindset has changed, and we've seen an increased importance in the overall wellness of our patients," Jones says. "It's been fantastic for our community and those we serve. Compass PTN has been a great resource for us to continue to drive forward in work flow processes for quality."
Transforming Clinical Practice Initiatives with Kansas Healthcare Collaborative
 On September 28, 2016 the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative identified that the clinical quality measure reporting section in their EMR (Intelligent Medical Software) was not set up correctly by the vendor, which caused their data to be inaccurate.
Patients were showing up multiple times in the numerators and denominators for some of the PQRS measures, and there were certain codes and demographic information missing from the EMR configuration of the PQRS reporting section. 
"I requested a copy of the PQRS claims and registry reporting manual from IMS and we began to configure the reporting section appropriately," says Rosanne Rutkowski, KHC, Program Director. "We also configured the EMR to display clinical quality reminders, and moved the quality section in the patients chart to a more visible area of the user interface so that providers don't have to make too many clicks or spend time searching for the quality reporting section during a patient visit."
Regional West Medical Center Implements a Rapid Cycle Test of Change in TCPI

Although still in the initial stages of implementation, involvement from Regional West Medical Center in TCPI demonstrates the importance of committed project champions in implementing a rapid cycle test of change. After completing baseline practice assessments across Regional West's 17 clinics, leadership within Regional West's quality department identified two projects to implement system-wide - a project to standardize an in-room patient check-out process in order to improve efficiency and meet Meaningful Use expectations, and a project to reduce wrongful insurance denials resulting from front desk check-in procedures.
Within a one-month period, Regional West developed a vision statement and action plans for each project. Regional West also developed two work groups tasked with implementing the action plans. These work groups began meeting on a weekly basis in September 2016, and each project began implementation at the clinic level in October 2016. Regional West has been able to quickly progress through its initial performance improvement projects as a result of a high degree of engagement from the organization's quality department leaders.
Oklahoma finds TCPI Success 

"We received wonderful feedback from many clinic leaders that attended the Oklahoma Compass PTN TCPI meeting in September, says Kacey Hawkins, Manager of Population Health with OU Physicians. "They stated that MIPs, and MACRA finally made sense to them, and that information gained at the event provided applicable solutions that they could implement quickly."

Prior to the TCPI event, many leaders didn't understand how MIPs and MACRA related to what they do daily in the clinical operations.
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