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February 18, 2016
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Featured in this issue:

Virtual HEN Learning Community

On Tuesday, February 16th, IHC hosted the second HEN 2.0 Virtual Learning Community. This half-day event was attended by more than 100 representatives from hospitals across the state!
The event featured valuable updates on the current progress of Iowa HEN hospitals, celebrating ongoing successes and opportunities to continue to work together toward greater improvements.
Event materials are now available!
Take a moment to look over the great content covered, including presentations from
breakout sessions.

Presentations (click the presentation name to download):
  1. Radical Redesign
  2. HEN 2.0: Current Performance, Celebrations, And Opportunities for Improvement
  3. Health Equity - Addressing Disparities and REAL Data Collection
  4. Welcome to the HEN-HUB
  5. Quality Improvement in Glycemic Medication Safety
  6. The life-cycle of a typical improvement effort
  7. Patient & Family Engagement - A "Roadmap" for Success
  8. The Importance of Senior Leadership in Quality and Patient Safety - Decatur County Hospital
  9. Michelle Roth, Lakes Regional Healthcare

A special thank you to Decatur County Hospital and Lakes Regional Healthcare for sharing their success stories in Leadership and Patient &
Family Engagement!

MBQIP - Due Tomorrow

MBQIP measure data is reported to the IHC HEN Database for Iowa HEN CAHs. There is a deadline for submission of each month. We strongly recommend hospitals follow the monthly reporting deadline schedule which is referenced in the IHC Database Metric and Measurement Toolkit on page 14.

MBQIP Phase 3 Measure data is due tomorrow, February 19, 2016.

Please note that because of the very different deadlines for MBQIP and HEN data, hospitals will likely enter MBQIP data prior to having all HEN data entered and completed. Due to this difference in data entry timelines and availability of all data, hospitals will not have the ability to “complete the month” with only MBQIP data entered. Months can only be “completed” when ALL MBQIP and HEN data has been entered. IHC will still have access to the entered MBQIP data even if the month has not yet been “completed”.

If you have questions about the EDTC submission, contact Jennifer Brockman or Kathy Trytten at IHC.  If you have questions about the MBQIP measures in general contact Mary Beth Sorensen.

Join the HEN-HUB Today!

As valued partners in our work to improve quality of care and reduce readmissions, we would like to invite you to the HEN-HUB, an exciting virtual community hosted on the HealthDoers Platform. Exchange stories of innovations you’ve tried on a social media-style platform to discuss challenges and identify solutions for your organization.

Explore this new community platform today! Your Improvement Advisors, IHC staff, and IHC faculty use this platform to provide resources and information about HEN 2.0.  Interested in joining?
How to Join: You can join the HealthDoers Platform by clicking the link here. This will bring you to a page to create an account. The process to log-in and create your profile should take only a few minutes from start to finish. If, however, you encounter questions or snags, you can email  or report it using the slate-grey “FEEDBACK & SUPPORT” button on the right hand side of the platform.

Before you begin… You will need an avatar (i.e., profile photo) to create an account. The system requires a high-definition photo.
If you’re having trouble signing up or connecting:
  1. Make sure you’re using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  2. Contact your IT department to have added to the list of trusted sites
  3. Try connecting from a different network i.e. your home network

And we recommend that you bookmark
This is where you can sign-in to your community

TeamSTEPPS - Community of
Practice (CoP)

The time has come to register for the next TeamSTEPPS event!
We will be holding the Leadership – Parts 1 & 2 lunch ‘n learn webinar on Thursday, February 25th at 11:30 AM.
As part of our collaboration leading up to the event, we want to take advantage of some TeamSTEPPS tools and test them out!
Which tool? The TeamSTEPPS Perceptions Survey.  We would like each of us to complete the short, seven question survey that simply inquires as to our thoughts or perceptions relating to leadership.  All survey responses are blinded and all results will be aggregate. This is just a resource for us to test out and see how we may apply it in our own TeamSTEPPS outreach and education.
Click here to complete the perceptions survey and to *register!
*The link to register for the Leadership – Parts 1 & 2 event is provided at the end of the survey.

Questions? Please contact Kady Hodges at

HEN-HUB with chicken sitting on the word HEN
Upcoming Calls:
What's Up Call -
March 15, 2016 at 10:00am CT.

Infection Control Call - March 14, 2016 at 11:00am CT.
HEN Reporting Deadlines January 2016:
February 19, 2016

All Reporting -
March 15, 2016

CEO Reminder -
April 1, 2016

*Questions? Contact Jennifer at
Upcoming Events:
  • Improving Sepsis Care in the Emergency Department -
    February 24, 2016

    Register for this event, follow this link.
  • TeamSTEPPS CoP - February 25, 2016
    Register for this event, follow this link.
  • SIM Conference - March 8, 2016
    Register for this event, follow this link.
  • Patient Safety Conference - March 9, 2016
    Register for this event, follow this link.
  • Falls CoP - March 15, 2016
    Registration coming soon!
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