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Avera Health

Hospital Spotlight: Avera Health

At the onset of Partnership for Patients, Avera recognized that participation in the program was the right thing to do for the patient.   Staffing resources for data collection can be limited and to be successful at tracking critical improvement efforts, Avera turned to their Electronic Health Record (EHR) as a reporting platform to address the data collection needs.  Continue reading Avera's story... 

Local/National Resources

This past month, several great resources/articles/opportunities have been made available for hospitals.  Here are a few spotlighted:
  • The Power of the Hard Stop - American Hospital Association HRET: This video is a must watch on a hospital experiencing a dramatic drop in early elective deliveries and $2.8 million in savings.  WATCH VIDEO.
  • Iowa Medicaid Enterprise - Elective C-Section Coverage and Payment: Iowa Legislature has mandated that the Iowa Medicaid program will no longer provide coverage of or payment for elective, non-medically necessary Cesarean section deliveries. Download Informational Letter 1249
  • Dr. Berwick issues a challenge to hospital leaders at the AHA Leadership Summit.
  • The Joint Commission and AMA - Proceedings from the National Summit on Overuse: The National Summit on Overuse focused on overuse as a patient safety and quality concern, and endorsed the need to reduce instances of overuse in five specific areas: URIs, over-transfusion of red blood cells , tympanostomy tubes for middle ear effusion of brief duration, early-term non-medically indicated elective delivery, and elective PCI. Click here for the update made to the 2012 Proceedings.
  • Driving Outcomes and Accountability - Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN) and St. Dominic Hospital: By focusing on best practices, St. Dominic Hospital aims to reduce patient harm. WATCH VIDEO.
  • AHRQ Primer Discusses Using Checklists to Reduce the Risk of Healthcare Errors: Most errors in health care are defined as slips rather than mistakes, and checklists can help prevent them, according to a patient safety primer available on AHRQ’s Patient Safety Network. The primer explains how participants in a project in Michigan successfully reduced central line–associated bloodstream infections by employing checklists along with extensive preparatory work in safety culture and teamwork.  Click here to access the full patient safety primer.

Registration for 10th Annual Conference

Iowa Healthcare Collaborative’s (IHC) 10th Annual Conference will be held at The Meadows Events & Conference Center in Altoona on August 28. For more detailed information on the conferences and breakouts, CLICK HERE to download the conference brochure.

To register online, CLICK HERE.

HEN Learning Community VII Registration

The Hospital Engagement Network Learning Community VII will meet on August 27 at The Meadows Events & Conference Center in Altoona. For more information on the learning community, CLICK HERE to download the brochure.

To register online for the HEN LC, CLICK HERE.

Next HEN What's Up Conference Call

The monthly HEN Whats Up Call addresses any questions your team may have on the HEN.  Join Dr. Evans and others at the August 13th Whats Up Call.  For dial-in information, contact

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