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April 7, 2017
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Boone County Hospital

Boone County Hospital's Path to "Zero" Falls
Boone County Hospital’s Fall Prevention Planning committee started last summer after Nursing Leadership attended the Fall Symposium in early July.  Many of the interventions presented at the symposium were reviewed, voted on and over the next few months slowly implemented on our Med-Surg and Specialty Care Units.  The committee was formed with a multidisciplinary approach in mind.  Any department who directly or indirectly touched the patients was included.  Most importantly, the bedside caregivers were given lead roles and were instrumental in the education, implementation, and success of the interventions. At the beginning of this time period our fall rate was 5.28, by the end of the year, when we had our highest census; we had decreased our fall rate to 1.37 for 4th quarter.
Interventions that were reviewed and implemented included:
  • IHC standardized colors for patients at risk for falls
  • RN and PCT report enhancement
  • PCT bedside hand off between shifts
  • Standard Work for PCT
  • Lighting changes at night (which included hug lights for bedside caregivers)
  • Decrease of quiet time during daytime hours
  • Time changes on our overnight VS checks
  • PT training in orientation on lift and transfer techniques for new caregivers
  • Evaluation of the slip gradient on the floors in the patient rooms
  • Repurposing a utility room to relocate lift equipment  for easier access
  • Review and redesign of patient alarms
While Boone County Hospital has seen a reduction in falls, there is still a ways to go to achieve the goal of “zero” falls.  The committee continues to meet monthly to review and evaluate our progress.  More interventions have been approved and will be implemented over the next few months including; improved patient care boards in the rooms, upgraded beds with automatic alarm resets, improved flooring to reduce the slip gradient in the rooms, adding in video monitoring capability for those patients at the highest risk, and a fall risk assessment which takes medication side effects into account. 

Lisa Paige, RN, BSN
Director of Inpatient Services


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Registration information and agenda to be available soon!

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