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December 21, 2016
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Medicine Lodge clinic seeks improved processes through PTN work 

Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital and Physicians Clinic joined the Kansas Practice Transformation Network (PTN) to put an emphasis on improving the quality of care provided to the community they serve. 

Ashley Taylor, Outpatient Clinic Director said, “Our PTN involvement has increased our awareness of quality improvement. In general, we are really focusing on how quality impacts the overall patient experience. The people in our community are our neighbors, friends, and family, so we feel a tremendous amount of pressure to ensure that we are doing right by them. Our PTN involvement solidifies our quality improvement efforts.” 

All Kansas PTN participants are assigned a quality improvement advisor (QIA) to map out a plan to meet the requirements of changing from quantity-based performance criteria to one that is quality-based. Located southwest of Wichita in Barber County, the clinic currently serves 3,614 patients per year with a cadre of 25 outpatient clinic employees. 

After working with QIA Jonathan Smith, Ashley and the Medicine Lodge team have identified which clinical quality measures they would like to focus on improving. They are working to configure their EMR to effectively capture data and also build in quality alerts. These steps will help ensure that Medicine Lodge providers will be able to measure their improvement and become high performers in the new quality payment program. 

Rural Health Clinics (RHC) have many challenges, and at times technical assistance and resources are scarce. Often times, RHC’s receive mixed messages about clinical quality reporting. Through the PTN, Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital and Physicians Clinic have found a valuable partner and free assistance to help overcome obstacles that RHC’s face. Ashley said, “We now have a direct link to answers for any questions we have about quality. We also feel that our RHC voices are actually being heard, and any frustrations we have encountered are recognized with solutions offered by the PTN.”

The Kansas PTN is an initiative of the Kansas Healthcare Collaborative.  To learn more about how to take advantage of PTN resources, contact or call 785-235-0735. 

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Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital and Physicians Clinic team: (l-r) Mellissa Mixon (IT Director), Jennifer Bowe (CFO), Jamie Phipps (RN), and Ashley Taylor, LPN (Clinic Director).

Horizon Health Care success story

Horizon Health Care Inc., a Federally Qualified Health Center in South Dakota that includes 18 medical clinics and six dental clinics, joined the Compass PTN in early 2016.  Since that time, they have been developing strategies for improvement in key areas across their organization.  The areas where they have chosen to work initially include patient and family engagement and developing a quality improvement strategy to support a culture of quality and safety.  

•    Patient Satisfaction Surveys – Horizon has utilized the CAHPS PCMH Survey for three consecutive years. This year, in addition to reviewing the data internally they compared their results to national benchmarks which identified areas where improvement was needed.  Survey results were also distributed to Horizon’s providers for their review.  
•    Investments in Quality Improvement Training – In 2016, two Horizon staff members attended an Improvement Coach Program developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  After successfully completing the 12 week course, Horizon encouraged their local PCA to consider an abbreviated IHI training in South Dakota so more staff could attend.  That training was held in November 2016 in Rapid City, SD.  Horizon had 12 staff members attend the training and is looking forward to utilizing the additional expertise that staff has developed.

Sanford Health drives change with Compass PTN

Sanford Health joined the Compass Practice Transformation Network in June 2016, as a strategic initiative, says Tessi Ross, quality improvement advisor for Sanford, in North Dakota. 

“The initiative aligns with what we’re trying to accomplish – achieving high quality and improving the patient experience, while reducing healthcare costs and developing sustainable business operations,” Ross says. “It’s beneficial to be part of these collaboratives. We can share our best practices, learn from others, and have access to the toolkits that other groups are developing.”


Results from their practice assessment tool in June, along with a recent follow-up assessment, showed that Sanford scored low on reducing unnecessary testing – particularly low back pain imaging. “With help from the Compass PTN, our clinical directors can now run reports and assess our stewardship with alerts. Our goal is that over time, back pain assessments will be used less frequently,” explain Ross and Jake Mellmer, Sanford clinic director.

Driving Change

The team at Sanford Health used sing data to drive change. They added a licensed independent clinical social worker to their clinic who collaborates directly with the providers and clinical support staff. Thus, in the last six months they’ve seen an increase in their Patient Health Questionnaire remission scores from 12.5 to 17 percent.

Over the past six weeks, Sanford has had a pharmacist work with their care team. The pharmacist reviews patient records to ensure prescriptions have been filled. He also follows up with patients to make sure they are taking prescriptions and looks to see if there are options to decrease prescription costs. “Our pharmacist was recently able to save one of our patients one hundred dollars per month on prescriptions,” Ross says. 

“We have also seen an 80 percent increase in the action rate for chart review since our pharmacist has been with us,” Ross says. “Due to the increase, one of our doctors was reviewing chronic disease panels, and found that he could identify issues with medicine reconciliation.”

Help and Resources

“When we first attended calls through the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, we listened to webinars on the SAN and learned about the toolkits that they had available,” Ross says. “I learned about “Steps Forward” through the American Medical Association.”

In our health system, we have the enterprise thrive team – a leadership from clinic services who strategize our role to enhance the clinical care team in each clinic to transform the clinical practice. Sanford’s clinic CNO asked that every member on her lead team watch the modules in the Steps Forward program to advance the clinical practice via the toolkits that they had. 

“We’re committed to transforming clinical practice and testing new ideas, and strive to be leaders and innovators in the field of primary care and clinic medicine,” Ross says.

Compass PTN data submission schedule

Data should be submitted monthly through Compass PTN Portal:

Each enrolled clinic has received an email from the Compass PTN Portal with login instructions. If you need assistance, please contact the Portal support desk: (800) 679-7351 or email You may also contact your Quality Improvement Advisor for assistance as needed. Each clinic will be expected to enter data on at least one measure each month.

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Pick your pace in merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS)

Please visit the Quality Payment Program at to help you decide which pace is best for your practice.

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Support and Alignment Network spotlight 

American College of Physicians offers free access to the Practice Advisor, a web-based practice improvement tool with greater than 40 modules. Some of the key concept areas are building the patient-centered medical home, improving clinical care for all populations, managing practices and specialty practice patient-centered care. They provide customized training and support resources and free MOC points and CME credit.

Happy Holidays from the Compass PTN Staff!

It has been a busy year for Compass PTN as together we strive to improve the quality of healthcare and prepare healthcare delivery systems for the upcoming year. We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and happiness!

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