Next-Generation Super Sports Brakes

Regenerative braking pairs with big, beautiful Brembos.

June 9, 2016

The next-generation electro-mechanical super sports braking system in the NSX delivers powerful and linear stopping performance in combination with highly communicative and easy-to-modulate brake pedal feel and high fade resistance. But how it achieves that end result is really pretty interesting. The high-performance Brembo brakes are seamlessly combined with the front Twin Motor Unit’s (TMU) regenerative braking capability to support the hybrid battery’s state-of-charge and consistent power delivery under demanding driving conditions.

Electro-Servo Braking System

The electro-servo braking (ESB) system has been designed and developed through rigorous testing to provide the driver with superb feedback and brake pedal feel in all conditions, from low-speed city traffic, highway speeds or flat-out track driving.

By supplementing the high-performance electro-servo (friction) braking system with regenerative braking, the NSX recycles electricity and feeds it back to the Intelligent Power Unit (IPU). Unlike many such systems, the NSX blends this capability in a seamless and effective way, resulting in intuitive brake pedal feel with superb feedback. Regenerative braking begins as soon as the driver releases the throttle, to maximize IPU recharging during normal driving.

Brake System Components

The high-performance Brembo braking system features:

  • Front – Large, six-piston calipers with 14.5-inch, two-piece, iron and aluminum ventilated brake discs 
  • Rear – Four-piston calipers with 14.0-inch, two-piece, iron and aluminum ventilated rotors 

All four calipers are of an aluminum mono block design, which provides even pressure distribution across the surface of the brake disc with outstanding heat dissipation and excellent rigidity. The two-piece iron and aluminum brake discs provide consistent brake pad-to-rotor surface contact with high heat capacity and cooling efficiency, which allows much greater thermal expansion without adverse performance effects.

An ultra-high-performance carbon-ceramic brake disc package option (15.0-inch discs up front/14.0-inch rear) reduces weight by nearly 52 pounds when compared to the standard brake package. It also offers improved fade performance in high-stress conditions, such as extended track sessions. The carbon-ceramic rotors are cross-drilled to reduce weight and improve cooling. The package includes a choice of three different brake caliper color options: red, black or silver. Which color would you pick?

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