VHI Annual Report 2015-2016

Our Mission

The mission of Vision Health International (VHI) is to improve the vision health of medically underserved people in developing countries by providing free-of-charge professional surgical, medical, and educational services at the invitation of the host country. In addition to providing direct patient care, an integral part of VHI’s mission is the capacity building of local medical personnel and the transfer of technology to the medical communities of the countries served. Educational activities include directed training of medical personnel in the latest surgical techniques, pre- and post-operative care, specialized oculoplastic instruction, and patient exams. The transfer of technology is accomplished through donations of surplus surgical supplies and equipment to local medical professionals to allow for continuity of care.
Vision Health International
Board of Directors 2015-2016

Paul O’Rourke
Golden, CO

Annie Chang, MD
Vice President
Denver, CO

Nancy Burns, RN
Milwaukee, WI

Julia Thomas
Charlottesville, VA

Richard Whitten, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Fresno, CA

Ex Officio

Nicole Fedoravicius, MPH
Executive Director
St. Louis, MO

Meaghan Frisbee, MPA
Chief Program Officer (CPO)
Missoula, MT
Thomas Bates, MD
Orlando, FL

Courtney Bourns
West Hartford, CT

Raymond Dennis, Optician
Haddam, CT

Jennifer Green
Arvada, CO

Annina Griggs, RN
Lutherville, MD

Todd Kinnick, DO
Grand Junction, CO

Doug Lavenburg, MD
Newark, DE

Marie Lavenburg, RN
Newark, DE

Deb Prince, OD
San Diego, CA

Randy Rottman, MD
Grand Junction, CO

Alan Stern, MD
Farmington, CT

Elizabeth Whitsett, RN-BSN 
Indianapolis, IN

A Note from the President

As I think back over what VHI accomplished during fiscal year 2015-2016 and attempt to put a rhetorical finger on an experience here or a feeling there that might uniquely define that year what came quick to mind was “friendship.”  READ MORE-Paul O’Rourke, President 

A Report from the Field

I joined VHI as Chief Program Officer during the first quarter of the 2015-2016 year and immediately got to work understanding VHI’s vision and mission. I was amazed by the dedication and passion the team had for restoring the gift of sight and couldn’t wait to start leading trips from start to finish. READ MORE-Meaghan Frisbee, CPO (Chief Program Officer)


Just the Stats...

Riobamba, Ecuador (Oct. '15)

Eye Exams: 158
Surgeries: 77
Eyeglasses: 0

La Entrada, Honduras (Mar. '16)
Eye Exams: 721
Surgeries: 88
Eyeglasses: 620

Riobamba, Ecuador (Apr. '16)
Eye Exams: 1160
Surgeries: 18
Eyeglasses: 120
Seminars: 1

Riobamba, Ecuador (May '16)
Eye Exams: 29
Surgeries: 29
Eyeglasses: 0
Seminars: 1

Riobamba, Ecuador (June '16)
Eye Exams: 562
Surgeries: 28
Eyeglasses: 377
Seminars: 1

Kibosho-Umbwe, Tanzania (Aug. '16)
Eye Exams: 585
Surgeries: 0
Eyeglasses: 585

Eye Exams: 3,215
Surgeries: 240
Eyeglasses: 1,702
Seminars: 3

From the Desk of the Chief Medical Officer

Fiscal year 2015 – 2016 was remarkable for several reasons. Perhaps most notable was the happy chore we performed in shelving some of our well-worn and increasingly unreliable surgical and diagnostic equipment and then replacing it with two new ScanOptics surgical microscopes and a new AScan, keratometer, and autorefractor. READ MORE -Randy Rottman, MD, Chief Medical Director

A Message from the Executive Director

Leaping out of your comfort zone is never easy. But often, it provides incredible rewards. For 30 years VHI was carefully guided by Sarah Felknor and Cindy Goodale, two extremely caring, compassionate and capable leaders. READ MORE-Nicole Fedoravicius, MPH, Executive Director
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