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...................Electronic Sign on is Live and Ready for your Registration.......................



We love our Puppies!

Puppies snapshot:

- Kids "generally" age 3-5 play in puppies (boys and girls)

- Puppies is touch - there is no tackle allowed

- Fees are @$50 for the season. 

- Training will be when games start on the Saturdays 
  (which will be roughly March as we found last season it was just too much for a lot of     them)
- When in March hasn't yet been decided as we are waiting for the BJRU to announce    the draw dates which happens once all the clubs get kids registered. 

- Training starts at 5:30. 

- If kids are 5+ then they can go into the under 6's / normal junior competition
   (there is still no tackle at this age group)

- Puppies registration is a manual registration process which means we will be registering them on the uniform sizing days (Feb 1st and 7th)

- Parents will be able to bring in a downloadable form from the website as well as proof of age (passport/birth Certificate)

- Parents are required to supervise their child at ALL times or if they have to go to the bathroom (for example they get another parent to watch their kids in the interim)

- Parents are required to understand that it is intended to be fun for the kids as well

Club President Message.......

Hello to all Taylor Bridge Rugby Club members,

...................Electronic Sign on is Live and Ready for your Registration.......................
This year the sign on process is being managed Electronically using a service provider called " Rugby Link".
The online sign on is very easy to use and will ensure you are registered correctly with the governing Body and the Club.

All previously registered players will find their details are already migrated to the new system so the process should be quick and easy.

The fee structure has been kept as close to the same as last year, even with the extra levy being placed on the club from the regulating bodies.

After you sign on using the Rugby link web site you will need to bring your receipt to one of the two Physical "Sign On" days at the club house, This is for the sizing and issue of uniforms, and verification of your Registration.
The Physical Sign on Dates Are:
Sunday1st February 2015 9.00am to 1.00pm
Saturday the 7th February 2015 9.00am to 2.00pm

Kind Regards
Mitch Turnbull
Taylor Bridge Rugby Union

Registration Procedure - Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 - How do I register a player for Under 6 and above?
The steps for registering all players (except puppies - players under 5) are shown below. New players will need to bring "proof of age" document to be sighted by a club official. This can be done on the "sign on" days. In preparation for the registration please have the following at hand:
  1. The Player’s Rugby ID & password for returning players. The ID is a 7 digit number (eg 4565382). It is not essential to have this number but it will make the process easier
  2. Access to an email account
  3. Credit Card - Mastercard or Visa
  4. Proof of age documentation (eg passport)
  5. Access to a printer - You will need to bring a copy of the registration form to the club to collect your training gear
Please note that players will not be able to train or play with the club until they have completed the online registration process.
Step 1 - Go the rugby link page     
Step 2 -  We recommend you Watch the video on how to register a player.  use the link below or use the following directions
On the main menu bar select rugbylink>Pre-recorded Video tutorials 
Once on the page, the correct video is called "Participant Registration", the third down on the right column. After watching the video it is now time to register players.

Step 3 - Register your players
Some things to note when registering….
1.      Use your son / daughter’s name and ID when doing the login. This will help make the registration process easier. Rugbylink database has not necessarily linked parents with children.
2.      When using the “I don’t know my login” function – the search sometimes will provide multiple options for the same name. If this occurs, use the option that has the Taylor Bridge rugby as the organisation.
3.      There are number of questions to answer about schools, volunteering and the like. Some relate to the player and some to the parent / guardian. It should be fairly clear who they relate to.
4.      New players will need bring proof of age to be sighted by a club official.
5.      You MUST register all siblings at the same time (ie all players need to be in the same shopping cart at the time of payment) to achieve the family discounts.
6.      The sibling discounts only apply to players registering for the regular Under 6 to Under 17 teams.
7.      Family discounts do apply but the players need to be registered all at the same time. Unfortunately the way Rugbylink has been set up requires a payment processing fee for each player (the fee will depend on the credit card provider). The club has made representations to Rugbylink to change this process so only processing fee is paid per family but it is unable to be changed.
8.      Puppies are NOT included as part of the sibling discount packages. All puppy registrations are $50 each.
9.      Once you have successfully registered a player you will receive a confirmation email.
Use the following link below to the “home page” for Taylor Bridge, Use the Player’s name & ID. DO NOT use the parent’s name & ID.

If you have the player’s rugby ID and password – use the “I know my login”, otherwise use the “I don’t know my login” option.
Step 4 - Print a copy of the registration details
Step 5 - Attend a "sign on" on either Sunday 1 Feb or Saturday 7 Feb with your registration details.
The purpose of the ”sign on” days is to size the players for their training gear. That way, we have the best chance of getting the correct fitting gear ready for when training starts. The training gear will be distributed via the team managers prior to training.

Q2 - How do I register a player for Puppies?
Puppies are those children aged from 3 to 5. The puppies play in a modified game of tag rugby on Friday nights when the other teams are training. Puppies will be registered by completing the form at the end of these FAQs and paying $50 per player to the Treasurer (Simon Siganto)
Q3 - What are the registration fees for 2015?
The registration fees for 2015 are:
  • First Player = $290
  • Second sibling player = $265
  • Third sibling Player = $250
  • All remaining sibling players =$80
The registration fee includes
1.           Club training shirt;
2.           Club shorts & socks;
3.           Professional coaching director;
4.           End of season club party;
5.           Team medallion at the end of the season;
6.           Team photo;
7.           Access to any junior rugby discounts;
8.           ARU & Brisbane competition player levy;
9.           ARU player levy;
10.         Player insurance;
11.         Ground maintenance and lighting fees as well as
12.         Use of Club jerseys and playing equipment.
Q4 – What is the definition of a sibling?
A sibling is a brother, sister, step brother/ sister or child living in the direct care of the parent/guardian making the registration. Cousins and other relatives who are not in the direct care of the parent/guardian are not entitled to receive the sibling discount.

Q5 – How is a child’s age calculated?
The age of the child is determined by their age as of 31 December 2015. Eg if the child is 8 as of 31 December 2015 then they deemed as being 8yo, even if the child’s 8th birthday is 31 December 2015.
Children cannot play in Under 6 rugby until after their 5th birthday.
Q6 - Can children play in a different age group?
Children can play up an age group by one year only. Eg an 8 y.o. can play in the Under 9’s but not Under 10’s.
Please note, if the player plays 6 or more games in an older age group during the season, they must stay in that age group for the remainder of the season.
Children cannot play in a younger age group.
Q7 - Do I still need to do any hard copy documents?
You need a copy of your registration payment as proof of registering and to collect your training gear.
Q8 - Can I get a refund of the registration fees?
No. Once credit card payments are accepted by the on line system there are no refunds.
Q9 - What proof of age is required?
All new players need to show proof of age documentation to a club official. Suitable documents are Birth Certificate or passport.
Please note: Returning players will need to include birth certificate details as part of the new online registration process but will not need to present it to a club official.
Q10 - What if I don’t have a credit card?
All registration is now done on line using the ARU rugbylink system accordingly, you will need a Mastercard or Visa credit card.
Q11 - Can I register my daughter?
Girls are permitted to play under ARU policies up to and including Under 11.

Q12 – Can I use my government concession entitlements?
Yes, you can still use your government issued concession, discount voucher or similar with the club.
You need to register on line and pay the full amount at the time of registering.
To claim the concession you will need to contact the Club Treasurer (Simon Siganto) at to obtain your discount.
Q13 – How are players allocated to a team?
Players will be allocated to teams after the second “sign on” day.
The teams are determined using the following protocols
  1. Siblings are allocated to the same team colour (eg 7 and 9 year old brothers would be allocated to Under 7 Black and Under 9 Black respectively). The reason for this is to enable both players to play at the same ground on game day.
  2. Squad numbers are allocated to enable sufficient reserves to provide a break during the game and in the event of players being sick or away etc. (eg An under 8 team aims to have squad of approx 10 to 12 - seven (7) players on the field plus reserves.)
  3. Team Balance. It is important in the older age groups (generally under 10 and above) to have an appropriate balance within the teams for player safety. Player positions become more important at these age groups so it is vital teams have the appropriate players (eg shapes, size) for the various team positions. This may result in the age group teams being finalised after the initial training sessions. This will be done in consultation with the current and/ or previous coaches.
  4. Previous teams. The club endeavours where possible to keep players from the previous year’s team together (eg Under 7 Black from last year becomes Under 8 Black this year). However, this is subject to the number of players returning and the need for a larger team squad.
  5. Individual preferences. The club understands that some players want to play with their mates. Where possible (subject to the preceding protocols) these preferences can be accommodated.
Note: It has been a long standing club policy not to grade individual players to create a stronger team within a particular age group. The club will be maintaining this policy during 2015.
Teams will be published prior to the first training night.

Q14 -Can I request that my child plays with a certain team or team mate?
Yes, you are able to request that your child plays with a certain team or teammate. However, this type of request cannot be guaranteed.
Q15 - Medical Conditions
It will be mandatory for all players to provide details of any medical conditions, injuries or allergies as part of the registration process. You will be asked for details as part of the online registration process.
Q16 - Does my child need a mouthguard?
Yes, it is compulsory for all players to wear a mouthguard during training and during a game.
Q17 When does training start?
Training will usually start 3 weeks prior to the start of the playing competition. Details of the playing draw have not been finalised but the following is  a guide.
  • Under 10 and above – training would likely start 27 February
  • Puppies, Under 6 to 9 - training would likely start 13 March
The above will be confirmed closer to the date.
Q18 What time is training?
This year there are 2 training times on Friday nights as follows
  • 5:30pm to 6:30pm – Puppies and Under6 to Under9 teams
  • 6:30pm onwards – Under 10 and above

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