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Dear Friends & Partners for Change,

My heart was breaking as I listened to another single mom talking about her need for transitional housing for herself and her baby.  I have heard many other stories similar to hers in the past years and they all hurt, especially since we already have the property to renovate for this type of housing for young, homeless first-time, single moms and their babies.  I know you want to see work being done, but without funds to buy the necessary supplies, work cannot continue.  We have some supplies left from previous repairs but not enough to begin the real renovation.  So, you see, we are in a catch 22 and it is a hard place to be.

Look around and you will notice that we are surrounded every day with single moms in need; in the grocery store, the library, the park, Walmart, and walking down the street, alone and lonely.  Maybe you know one or were one yourself at one time and you know exactly how it feels.  In January when the homeless study is done many are found living in cars, under bridges, in any protected area they can find, or if they are lucky, couch-hopping at friend’s homes until they are asked to leave.  An unplanned pregnancy should not keep a young mom from going to school, getting a decent job, or being a good mother.  Not having a safe place to live and a chance to better herself could.  You are just that person who could help alleviate that need.  It is a crisis in Anderson County as there are no transitional housing facilities in our area, and the ones that are open in other counties are full with their own residents.

Crossroads Ministry is also very blessed to be collaborating with Healthy Families/Healthy Start and Ridgeview with their knowledge and training in specific areas of need which our moms may be dealing with.  This will enable our staff and volunteers to focus on the areas they are best trained in and we have many signed up already for specific parenting classes.  It has been a joy watching these areas come together but now it is time for them to really begin doing what they signed up for and have been looking forward to.

Crossroads has the chance to begin work again on our buildings (the former Oak Ridge Motel on Elza Drive) with a $50,000 grant but not until we can show strong financial support and sustainability with additional monthly donors and/or annual gifts

With an annual $300, $500, $1,000 or more donation you can become a part of the solution and growth for these young single moms by giving them a chance to become a contributing member of our community and transitioning off government support (which you and I pay for).  It is going to cost close to $8,000 a month to keep our doors open plus an emergency fund for unexpected expenses and we are nowhere close to this, but with your help we could be.

Your partnership and support is greatly appreciated as we look forward to watching our mission fulfilled and begin serving the many homeless moms and babies that need our hearts and unconditional support.  Please send your tax-deductible gift today or make it online at using Paypal.

Cora Rhew
Founder/Executive Director

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