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Delicious options for Easter 

Easter has snuck up on us early this year, offering another fantastic opportunity for entertaining with family and friends. But Easter feasting doesn't have to impact your health goals. The four-day long weekend is the perfect time to create some nourishing, homemade treats to keep your wellbeing on track. Check out our five macadamia recipes for clean eating this Easter long weekend, including these raw macadamia bliss ball Easter eggs. Happy Easter!

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Macadamia, coconut and chocolate spread

This spread takes just a few minutes to make and is such a fun and healthy alternative to store-bought chocolate spreads. We served it with fruit slices but it’s super versatile.

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Macadamia and cranberry hot cross buns recipe

If you're intending to bake your own hot cross buns this Easter then try this recipe which is packed full of spice and has the added soft crunch of delicious macadamia nuts.
Trust us, this recipe is bound to become an Easter family favourite!

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Soaked and dried macadamias

The jury is still out on whether to soak (or not to soak) but these dried macadamias do have a great flavour and crispy texture. Using a dehydrator will speed up the process.

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Macadamia shells: the material of the future

The shell of our native nut is a prized product that is recycled into some of the most unlikely products.  

From lifesaving medical treatment to renewable energy, the humble macadamia shell is finding a use in almost every walk of life.

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