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Macadamia trees spring into next season

Walking through a macadamia orchard in Spring is a spectacular experience, with the heady scent of flowers and the buzz of bees filling the air. Spring is flowering time on a macadamia farm. From August to September, each macadamia tree can produce thousands of flower strands (called racemes).

Not everyone has the privilege of walking through a macadamia orchard at this special time, so let us take you there in our latest website story.

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Meet our growers: Austin Curtin

Meet Austin Curtin, a second generation macadamia grower in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW. His father and mother started the farm and Austin says it's great to be part of a family that have been replanting native Australian bush food trees back into the landscape.

“I'm really proud to do what we do, which is to cultivate this country with one of those original species of trees that produce such a unique and valuable product. It's a real icon of Australia....”

Learn more about Austin and watch our new video about his life as a macadamia farmer.

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Do you have a backyard macadamia tree?

Are you one of the lucky Australians to have a macadamia tree in your backyard?
We’ve collated answers to your FAQs about caring for these potentially bounteous trees.

We can help you with questions like;
how do I tell when the macadamia nuts are ripe and ready to be harvested or
do I need to prune a backyard macadamia tree?

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Some favourite recipes for Spring

With the change of season and the weather warming, we all like to liven up our weekly menu. This goats cheese tart with macadamia shortcrust pastry makes a delicious lunch or dinner recipe, as does this fresh green papaw and macadamia salad. For something sweet, try this macadamia and bush honey slice or if you're after something simple, these macadamia and honey frozen yoghurt sundaes really hit the spot!

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