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Here’s how to go dairy-free with Australian macadamias

More and more people are choosing dairy-free food options as they become increasingly aware of the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. Apart from the surprisingly large number of people who are lactose intolerant, many Australians now avoid dairy for simple wellbeing.

The great news is, it’s very easy to turn macadamias into a tasty dairy replacement, so going dairy-free, or even completely vegan, can be completely delicious.

Read the complete guide to going dairy free with macadamias here

Macadamia 'vegannaise'

A simple twist on a classic mayonnaise.
Macadamias make a deliciously creamy and versatile condiment in just minutes, plus it's completely dairy-free. 

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Dairy-free sour cream

It’s sour cream, but not as you know it - and this recipe only uses two ingredients, macadamias and lemon juice.
Perfect on top of nachos or a thick winter soup.

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Dairy-free cream cheese

Macadamias can be transformed into a flavoursome alternative to cream cheese. This savoury spread tastes great on sandwiches or as a vegan alternative on a cheese board.

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Macadamia butter

If you are a regular newsletter reader you will know how much we love macadamia butter!
Try it on fresh bread, toast or crackers. There are also a few indulgent variations to try too.

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