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Macadamia trees in stunning flower

Australia’s many macadamia growing regions are in bloom with macadamia flowers filling the orchard with life, colour and a sweet honey smell. Macadamia trees flower differently from most other fruit and nut trees as the tree grows racemes; a flower cluster with the separate flowers along a stalk at equal distances along a central stem. 
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10 macadamia dip recipes to die for!

If you’re looking for a way to get your next party or BBQ off to a great start, whip up a mouthwatering macadamia dip. The flavour and texture of macadamias pairs well with many ingredients which means there are plenty of creative recipes to choose from. Here are our top ten macadamia dip ideas.

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Nuts 30 Days 30 Ways

Would you like to get into the habit of eating healthier snacks? The annual Nuts For Life #nuts30days30ways challenge encourages Australians to snack on a handful of nuts each day, for the month of September, and by doing so, to help develop a tasty habit with big health benefits.

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Recipe Spotlight

Macadamia, pumpkin and blue cheese tartlets. These tasty tartlets use store bought pastry, so they’re quick and easy to make. The pumpkin, cheese and coriander combo make them a classy work lunch option or the ideal addition to a long and leisurely picnic.

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