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Thinking of ALL farmers across NSW and Queensland, many of who are also volunteer firefighters, during this unprecedented start to summer. We know people in several macadamia farming communities will be affected directly or indirectly by the fires. Our thoughts are with those in affected areas. Keep safe.

Mango and macadamia popsicles

These three-ingredient popsicles are inspired by the flavours of a classic Australian favourite - the Weis Bar. Using just three whole food ingredients this recipe is free from added sugars and is naturally gluten and dairy free. 

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How to assemble the perfect grazing platter

Elise from The Poor Girls Pantry in Byron Bay is famous for creating amazing grazing tables. To help us all achieve something similarly incredible this Christmas, Elise has prepared step by step instructions for how to assemble an exquisite festive grazing platter including a wreath to place around the rim of the platter to create the ultimate festive style. 

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Thank you to all the people who entered our macadamia party pack competition. Congratulations to the five winners. Are you a winner? Check your email and ensure you reply with the relevant details. Keep subscribed for great macadamia recipes and ideas and to be first to hear about our future competitions and giveaways.

How to roast macadamias perfectly every time

Roasting macadamia nuts intensifies their delicious natural flavour. There are several easy ways to roast them at home including oven roasted, pan roasted or on the BBQ. Click below for our top tips on the best ways to roast your own.

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Macadamia bliss balls

The great thing about bliss or energy balls is that you can make up a big batch to store in the fridge or freezer to ensure you have a healthy snack close by when you need it. They are a delicious option to have as a treat or a refuelling snack following a workout.

Recipe here

Does this scene look familiar? We’re always told macadamias get pinched from the mixed nut bowl first 🤣. Who is the main culprit: - dad, grandma... or is it you? Press play for more.
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