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Crazy colour slab cake with glittered macadamias

Check out our super fun colourful creation! The finishing touch on this crazy slab cake is the glittery macadamias that bring sparkle, shine and goodness. Adding macadamias and macadamia oil to the cake itself makes it deliciously moist with a lovely crunch. Happy creating.

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What are your favourite macadamias?

Competition Time: Are you a sweet tooth who loves choc coated or a purist who loves them raw? Select your favourite kind of macadamias to win a kilo of your favourite! Twenty winners will be selected. Enter now and good luck.

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How to use Australian native spices to enhance your cooking right now

As native foods become more recognised internationally for both their nutritional benefits and flavour, many home cooks are looking for ways to enhance their home cooking with these native Australian ingredients. Check out our guide to make it easy for you to embrace native Australian ingredients at home.

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From farm to fork: the journey of an Australian macadamia

It's Autumn and this year's macadamia harvest is underway right now with our farmers busy collecting the ripe nuts, dehusking and sorting.
Check out this pictorial guide of the journey that a single nut takes from the lush landscapes of Northern NSW and South East Queensland to a table near you.

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Macadamias originated in the vast rainforest of Australia over 60 million years ago. The climate and the soil here nurtures this rare and precious nut, providing an offering from nature which is pure, whole and healing.
Click play and discover the story of the macadamia from it's very beginning and be awed by its incredible natural landscape.
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