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Ottsworld is Going LIVE!

Working as a travel writer and traveling to the far corners of the world is a dream job for most people.  And after doing this for nearly 10 years, and without a homebase it makes it even more interesting to people I meet.  I always get asked questions about the inner workings of my life; how I make a living, how I decide where to go, how I do my laundry while constantly moving, how, how, how.  Ok – I get it, you are curious to get a peek inside my daily life a bit more.  And now you can…

I’ve started experimenting with a new feature in Facebook called Facebook Live.  It allows me to do a live video wherever I am and you can watch it, interact with me and ask questions real time.  This makes me quite nervous.  Nervous because normally I’m used to producing highly edited content for you – and this Facebook Live stuff is NOT edited. In fact – I never know what I’m even going to say when I turn it on.  So – you’ll get the real, live, unedited me. Scary.

Yesterday I did a live video at my storage unit in NYC, and I also recently covered daily updates of my Camino de Ronda hike with my dad…never knowing what was going to come out of his mouth next…the joy of live video!  See them here on my Facebook page and click on the Cami de Ronda Playlist.

I’ll try these live videos for a bit, even though I hate that I can’t edit them!  Please write me and let me know what you want to see or know about my travels and work and life for that matter, and I’ll do my best to cover them.

The Summer of Family Travel – Where Next?

As someone without my own family, I think it’s really important to build family bonds any chance I can get – and this summer is all about family bonding for me!

I started the summer with my recent 3 week hiking trip with my dad in Spain, and now I’m heading off TODAY for New England where I’ll be meeting my mom and sister-in-law in Rhode Island.  We are boarding the Grand Mariner small ship to cruise around rivers, bays, and sounds in New England. We'll be stopping at Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cuttyhunk; plus having a few kayking adventures along the way.  Everyone hears about cruising Europe’s rivers, it’s the hottest thing in cruise travel now. However, river and small ship cruising isn’t just for Europe, we have it here in the US and it’s a great way to experience the water and river cultures of America! See our complete New England cruise itinerary from Blount here.  Blount also fits my family theme this summer as they are a family owned company who designs and builds their own ships.  I”ll be doing some live coverage behind the scenes of this fascinating small ship and our stops!

After the cruise I’ll be in NYC for 3 weeks on a photo project. Then I heard off to Colorado for another big family vacation celebrating my parents' 80th birthdays.  More to come on that family adventure next month. And finally, this summer also has me in Germany, Maine, and Alaska!

Happy Summer Travels,

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Speaking of Family Travel – imagine doing the Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile road trip race from London to Mongolia, with a family member! Last fall Scott Gurian, a journalist, contacted me to do an interview about my experiences on the Mongol Rally.  He’s doing the rally this summer with his brother and he’s also producing an amazing podcast, called Far From Home,  covering the rally.  You can tell Scott is a true professional – this is one of the best independent produced podcasts that I’ve listened to – and I’m not just saying that because I’m interviewed in the first episode!   If you’ve ever thought about the idea of doing the Mongol Rally, then follow his journey at Far From Home Podcast…you will be enthralled.
You can also see my photography work in this recent post by Hecktic TravelsThe Way We See the World  It’s really fascinating how two photographers can see the exact same thing and capture it differently – see for yourself.

Have my travels ever made you jealous?  Apparently you are not alone.  I was recently included on this list of 30 Remarkable Travel Bloggers Who Will Make You Insanely Envious
A recent article I wrote for
5 Ways to Explore Canada's Bay of Fundy
This bay's unique tides offer endless adventures.

This Spring I took a Northern California Road Trip in a cool camper van.  Many of you wanted to learn how you could rent one too! Get the whole Northern California Road Trip Itinerary here - it takes you to places you never heard of in California!

Are you taking a road trip this summer, then check out my suggested road trip gear for finding your way, staying connected, and staying dry on those out-of-car adventures:

Phone Holder – when you are doing a solo road trip (or any kind) and renting a vehicle – be sure to bring some sort of phone holder with you so you can safely use your phone GPS. Rental car companies don’t offer it as part of the rental, so bring your own!
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