18 Conservative MPs betrayed Canadian families by voting for Bill C279.
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Friend --

In a move that further degrades Canadian values, social fabric and moral
substance, 18 Conservative MPs exposed themselves as conservatives-in-name-only last night by voting with the opposition to support the Gender/Bathroom Bill - C279. (Click here for vote results)

As you know, Bill C279 poses significant risks and dangers to Canadian women, girls, and social civility - risks and dangers that will now, thanks to 18 "Conservative" MPs, be enshrined in our laws if it passes the Senate.

The term "gender identity" will now form part of Canada's Human Rights law and Criminal Code, grounds against which we cannot discriminate. Yet the term's definition is unlike anything you expect to find in law:
"gender identity” means, in respect of an individual, the individual’s deeply felt internal and individual experience of gender, which may or may not correspond with the sex that the individual was assigned at birth.

Friend, I don't have to tell you that law based upon feelings, not facts, is foolish, subjective, and extremely dangerous. 

A law like this, based upon feelings, will allow a legal defence to men who infringe upon the privacy of women and girls by using female facilities. 

Who is to say how someone feels, and whether or not it is a legitimate defence, now that this Bill has passed through the House of Commons? 

Human rights activists will no doubt try to mould this definition case-by-case, eventually creating a web of protected behaviours for all kinds of sexual deviance.

In fact, the MP who tabled this Bill, Randall Garrison, was already expanding the meaning of "gender identity" mere minutes after the Bill had passed: 

"[the Bill will] guarantee the same rights and protections for Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Variant Canadians that all of us enjoy."

Whether honestly deceived by MP Garrison or willful participants in the destruction of fundamental human gender reality, 18 Conservative MPs voted against Canadians, against families, and against you.

For law-making Government MPs, this is beyond reprehensible. Now, Canada Family Action is taking a stand against these so-called conservatives, and we're asking you to join us.

Click here for a list of the 18 Conservative MPs who voted with the opposition in support of C279, as well as the Conservative MPs who didn't show up to vote or abstained.

Start by calling, emailing and writing letters to these MPs - let them know you're sorely disappointed that they didn't defend you and your family, and that you won't forget what they did.

It is our hope that this Bill is defeated by the Senate.

Perhaps enough sane minds there will not only see the deceptive nature of what has occurred in Parliament, but see the real and factual nature of gender - that is, male and female are not alterable just because of one's "feelings".

Friend, we faced an uphill battle, but we managed to convince 13 Conservative MPs to vote NO to C279 who had previously supported the Bill or not voted at all - including Prime Minister Harper

The real win is that thousands of Canadians are now aware of what is happening to our culture. You informed many others - thank you. 

More people are now aware of the degradation of Canadian values and moral fabric, which means more people will help us in our next battle - our battle of truth and common sense versus false ideology.

What now? We inform more people. We expose the impostors. We employ solutions to these situations.

We may not have won the battle, but we will win the war.

For all of your efforts, for going above and beyond, and for standing with Canada Family Action during this fight - thank you.

You will be hearing more from us about this as we move forward.


Brian Rushfeldt
President, Canada Family Action

PS. 18 Conservative MPs exposed themselves as conservatives-in-name-only last night by voting with the opposition to support the Gender/Bathroom Bill - C279. We won't let them get away with it. Click here to learn more or click here to make a one-time contribution of $18 - that's $1 for each "Conservative" MP who let us down.
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