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Summer Newsletter 2015

The Importance of Relaxation

We all want to be happy and relaxation is a key to happiness. We have our careers, homes, relationships and interactions with the world around us. We want to find a way to do everything we want for ourselves and have  time and energy for others.  During our busy days, it can be challenging to remember to take a moment to stop and pause between our daily activities and relax. 

We love to have fun in life, but sometimes juggling too many tasks and responsibilities without a break can put unnecessary pressure on us, leading to stress. When we don't take the necessary time for rest and relaxation, our body and emotions give us a variety of signals letting us know it is time to rest.

Unfortunately in modern society, we often do not listen to our bodies until some kind of a physical issue develops or we have an explosive interaction with another person. At that point we are more or less forced to take a look into what's going on with ourselves.
Why Relaxation is Important for us to Stay Healthy and Happy
Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress in the mind and body. It is a state of rest, enjoyment and physical renewal.

Relaxation can protect the heart, improve the immune system, boosts memory and has many other important health benefits.
We believe in living a healthy and happy life and we encourage others to do the same. We offer classes, workshops, products as well as essential oil therapy and bodywork toward this goal.

Receiving massage, bodywork and essential oil therapy are wonderful ways to relax your body and mind so the body's inner self healing mechanisms may be activated. The sessions help reduce stress hormones and the body feel great. Not only do stress reducing sessions feel good, but they are a great way to apply preventative therapy so to speak, so you can enjoy the long-term health benefits that being truly relaxed has to offer.
Several medical studies have shown that massage and bodywork are effective remedies for stress related conditions, such as depression, pain and muscle tension. According to the RN Journal "Massage can be used as an alternative to narcotics, steroid injections and surgery but, it also can be used as a complement to allopathic medicine to speed healing and reduce pain should surgery be necessary. For those who are actively under a physicians care, massage helps minimize complications and helps provide the best possible outcome."

For more info on conditions therapeutic massage can help follow follow the link:

Give yourself the break you deserve, discover for yourself how a nurturing and restoring  massage or essential oil therapy session can help you relax and live a happier life. Book your session today online (click here) or call us at 310.699.7743.

The Relax¡ Clinic

Come to the Relax¡ Clinic to enjoy our own essential oil relaxation session. Put your feet in a warm essential oil bath and let yourself be pampered. Sessions at the Relax¡ Clinic are $45.00 (half price of a private Relax¡ Session).

Upcoming clinic dates:
June 6th 
August 1st
September 5th

Available session times are 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm & 4:30 pm.
Contact us by email: to book a session at the clinic.
There will be no clinic in July (Independence Day Holiday)

Living in Freedom Workshop Series
Starts June 30th 

Join us Tuesday evenings for our new workshop series Living in Freedom. We will explore what it means to actually be free and see what we can do to become free in our emotions, feelings and physical lives. The workshops are designed with exercises in and out of the workshop to move us concretely in the direction of freedom. Experience great energy and help yourself move in a new direction.

Five-Part series Tuesday Evenings 7:00pm - 10:00pm
June 30th, July,7th, July 14th, July 21st, & July 28th
Refreshments will be served
Fee: $250 for series or $55/class
RSVP by email:

White Light Day at the Beach 2015

Join us in a Celebration of the White Light on our annual Day at the Beach workshop in Malibu California. Andrea Schally will guide us into the energy of the white light as she shares the properties of The White Light essential oil blend. We will also learn to connect with nature and the elements of wind and water through practices as guided by the white light in this fascinating all-day workshop.    
August 8th, all day.  Please contact us for more information.

RSVP email:
Beauty and Health Wednesday

Scentsible Life Summer Spa Wed, July 15th

Beauty and Health go hand in hand! Join us for an open house where you will experience facial treatments prepared with fresh, all natural ingredients.  Come and meet some great people and pamper yourself!  Beauty starts within and radiates out into the world.

Wednesday, July 15th, 7:00 pm -9:00 pm.  This is a free event!

To see more Health and Beauty Wednesday treatments, visit our blog:
Bi-annual Celebration of the Radiant Heart
Celebrate the Summer 2015 Radiant Heart 
The Radiant Heart is an essential oil blend that opens our hearts to live with appreciation, fascination and love. it supports us to become free in thought, speech and action.

Thursday, July 2nd 7:00 pm -10:00 pm  
Suggested contribution $9.00
Featured Product: Summer Heat Cooling Spray
Summer Heat Cooling spray is a favorite product of ours during the searing summer months, especially when we spend time outdoors. The special blend of aloe and hydrosols help refresh and restore the skin when it gets overexposed to the sun.  It helps sunburns heal faster and gives relief with a wonderful cooling effect. Enjoy the nourishment and uplifting scent of our Summer Heat Cooling Spray this summer.
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