Mars One Newsletter - November 2014
Hi Mars One supporter,

Lights, camera...action! These are very exciting times for the candidates due to the fact that the Mars One round 2 candidate interviews are just around the corner. From the original 202,586 applicants, only 663 remaining candidates will be interviewed. This interview is the next step in narrowing down the list of possible candidates flying to Mars!

The Interview Process
The Mars One astronaut candidates will be invited to schedule a personal interview in the next months. The interviews will be conducted by Norbert Kraft, M.D., our Chief Medical Officer via video connection. Norbert Kraft, M.D., has worked for several international space agencies, including NASA, the Russian Space Agency, and the Japanese Space Agency.

Witness the interviews

Mars One is offering an opportunity to the press to film the upcoming Mars One astronaut interviews. The stories will be released after the selection results have been made public and will give you a unique chance to witness a crucial step in our astronaut selection process!

More information regarding this media opportunity can be found in our latest press release.

Good Luck Candidates!

The upcoming interviews are not only a crucial step in the selection process but an important milestone in the lives of the candidates. If you would you like to support and wish our candidates good luck then share your message with the hashtag #MarsOne663 on Twitter!

The third astronaut selection round

The candidates who fight their way from the second to third round will participate in group challenges that demonstrate their suitability to become one of the first humans on Mars, and will be interviewed. The Mars One Selection Committee will determine who will pass to the final selection round. 

Read more about the astronaut selection process on our FAQ page: Selection and Preparation of the Astronauts.

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