Round 2 Mars One Astronaut Selection Process: The Next Steps

Dear Mr. Arteum Yurievich Goncharov,

Congratulations on being pre-selected to move to Round 2 of the Mars One Astronaut selection process. Please reply to this email as soon as possible to confirm receipt and continued interest in becoming a Mars One Astronaut.

Let’s talk about next steps for you. The four items listed below need to be completed by 5pm EST, March 8, 2014:

  1. Ask your physician to fill out the Mars One Applicant Medical Statement and send it to Remember, it is very important that you upload ONLY the Medical Statement endorsed by your physician. DO NOT upload any medical data information associated with your medical exam;
  2. Provide your full name as it appears in your current passport or state or national ID card;
  3. Provide your current residential address, including address, city, state, country, and zip code;
  4. Round 2 is expected to be completed in a public form. If you haven't done so yet, we ask you to make your profile public on the applicant site. To edit the privacy settings, login to your applicant profile, go to Edit Profile and change your Privacy setting to Public, my profile is visible for all visitors
We will be providing additional details about Round 2 selection in April 2014.

Important note: if you do not reply or do not provide ALL the requested information before March, 8th 2014 5pm PST, we have to assume you are no longer interested in becoming a Mars One Astronaut.

Onto an exciting 2014 for you and all of us at Mars One!


Best regards,

Norbert Kraft, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Mars One

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