Mars One Newsletter - August 2014
Hi Mars One supporter,

We have recently launched Mars Exchange, an interactive component of the Mars One Community Platform. This platform is a place to discuss questions surrounding the human mission to Mars.

The best part?
Your input has built the backbone of Mars Exchange! A couple of months ago we asked what questions you have surrounding our mission to Mars. We gathered your input and posed your questions to the experts. Two of your questions have already been answered by Mason Peck, PhD, NASA’s former Chief Technologist. You guys have the opportunity to comment on his responses. 

Keep an eye out for more interesting interviews to appear on Mars Exchange!

Mason Peck on Mars Exchange

Is a one-way journey wrong? 
Mason Peck tackles the very first question on Mars Exchange: "There are many motivations for becoming one of the first settlers on Mars," he states. "None of them insane in my opinion." Read why Mason Peck thinks this mission is... well, not insane: Is a one-way journey wrong?

Are we invading Mars? 
The second article is already on Mars Exchange: "We’ve been exploring Mars as a science project for forty years now," says Mason Peck. "It’s time we move on to the next phase, settlement of the solar system." Read the article here: Are we invading Mars?

Stay tuned for more!

Media Appearances

The Mars Exchange and it's first offerings have already had some great media appearances! Check them out. 

Popular Science discussed the one-way mission to Mars. Read the article here: Sane Reasons To Be A Mars Colonizer
Tech Times lists the seemingly sensible motivations for a one-way trip. Read the article here: Is a one-way mission to Mars ethical? Is it sane? talks about Mars exchange, a place to spur discussions about Mars One. Read the article here: Have Questions About Martian Colonies? New 'Mars Exchange' Has Answers

Find more Mars One media appearances on our Media and Publications pages

University Competition

To all university students and professors!
Mars One is offering you a chance to send your payload to Mars through a university competition. Looking for inspiration? There are already several university projects online!

Submit your own payload proposal here and watch your payload fly to Mars! 

The deadline for submissions for the University Competition has been extended until August 31st, 2014. This means that you have more time to prepare your project page on the Community Platform. Keep the submissions rolling in!

Support Our Mars Mission

Thank you for the continuous support, we greatly appreciate it!

Each month, we award a signed Mars One mug to two randomly picked monthly donors. This month, David L. (Canada) and Samkov A. (Russia) are the lucky ones. Congratulations!

A unique bronze Mars One coin can now be found in our webshop. Check out the incredible design and elegance!

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