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Ongoing Sales!

All Watercolours
Buy One, Get One Free while supplies last! $3.50/skein.

Presencia Variegated Perle Cotton in sizes 5 and 8 on closeout 99 cents/ball.


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Sale prices applicable to in-store, phone, and Internet sales. 

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Easy Does It!

I recently had the pleasure of spending a Saturday with a young girl whose father owns the computer store in my building. She had been in before, and was interested in starting another project. Her Father agreed, as long as she spent a minimum of 90 minutes on it.

Five hours flew by. We had a great time! She almost finished her project, a small rabbit canvas. I was impressed with how quickly she mastered the Continental and learned how to anchor threads.

Nothing points out my own bad habits better than working with a beginner. I correct the student, and wonder if I make the same moves. Proper technique is vital if you participate in any activity that involves repetitive motion. The last thing you want to do is harm your body doing something you love.

Many years ago a friend blew out a rotator cuff turbostitching the background of a stocking. I’ve never forgotten that. What is the best way to stitch, so that I never experience that? Answer: keep your shoulder out of the equation.

Sure enough, Lizzie was using her entire arm, pulling the length of thread by the needle. How many of us have done that, especially when we’re “in a hurry.” That is a recipe for disaster.

I explained to her that the safest way to stitch was to use her arm only from the elbow down. Keep the upper arm tight to the torso, and pull gently on the thread. If the thread is long, give it several tugs, gathering the rest in your hand. Stop when you can feel that it’s snug against the canvas back.

Restricting the arm’s motion reduces fatigue. It also produces smoother results, because the stress on the fiber is more evenly distributed as it is gently guided through the canvas or cloth, rather than tugged in one quick jerk. I only had to tell her once.

The “I never knew that” comment from a fellow MGT member who happened to be there at the time prompted this blog. If even one stitcher avoids shoulder pain, my time will have been well spent. There may very well be instances when you do raise your hand over your head while stitching. Until I hear otherwise, my mantra is as follows.

A good stitcher never raises her hand above her head, unless she’s asking a question at seminar. 

 Please join me next week for another adventure in the needlearts.


Come to the Point will be OPEN this Sunday, 21 April, from 12-4. I look forward to seeing you.

Lee’s Needlearts débuted a trio of gorgeous new bags in January. Here they are for your consideration.



Here is the leather cross-shoulder tote. This hard-working errand bag has three pockets, and measures approximately eight inches deep by six inches wide. There is plenty of room for you wallet, your SmartPhone, and your checkbook. It’s a lightweight, barely-there bag that won’t get in your way.

The bag takes a quick-to-stitch 3” circle canvas. I currently have the green bag in stock. As you see, it’s not a Kelly Green, but more of a neutral wardrobe-spanning Forest Green. The closest floss colors are FINCA 4323 and DMC 500. The bag also comes in Royal Blue, which can be special ordered at the same price. If we’re lucky, this will be available in black for the June Buyer’s Market.

We stock an assortment of 3” canvas for your consideration. If nothing in stock strikes a chord, you are always welcome to peruse the Lee catalog. Still don’t see anything? Our in-house designer can whip up anything you like!



Here is what I gave my Mother for her birthday a few weeks ago. She loves this compact, roomy bag. The adjective “clamshell” truly does it justice. I’m not entirely happy with this photo, as it doesn’t do justice to the color. The FINCA match is 4059 or DMC 969, a light aqua green. The bag is also available in a rose gold (Kreinik color 027) and a bright fuchsia. Again, if we’re lucky, we’ll get a black in the near future.

The canvas is Lee BJ36 “Fish Scales” $27.95, stitched in a mix of FINCA floss and Kreinik size 12 005HL.

Lee Has Revised Their Canvas and Leather Goods Catalogs!

I have the newest Lee’s Needlearts catalogs in the shop. You are always welcome to peruse these and all others I have on the shelves. Many of the older canvases have been discontinued. If there’s anything you’ve had your eye on, now is the ideal time to see if it’s still available. If they have it in stock from the old catalog, I can get it. Once it’s gone, however, they will not paint to order.


The Showstopper!




I couldn’t take my eyes off this stunner when I first saw it online. It’s even more impressive when you have it in your hands. What I didn’t know until I opened all the zippers is that the insert is interchangeable! Invest in one of these in either black, green, or the gold lamé I have in stock, and you’ll never need another evening bag. I am going to talk to Lee about the possibility of releasing this in red leather.

This slim, roomy clutch will fit an iPhone in its case without distending the leather. In addition to the zippered pocket for the insert, there is another zippered pocket on the back. The interior is lined in black sateen. The clutch closes with two magnetized snaps.

The intricate 8.5 x 4 insert is “Gridlock” a new design from Elements Needlepoint of El Paso Texas. It would also look stunning in the black evening bag. One of my friends took one look at the canvas and pulled a gorgeous thread kit in under ten minutes. She also suggested that the gold be traded out for silver, if the design is displayed in the black clutch. I would never have thought of that. $79.95.

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