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Ongoing Sales!

All Watercolours
Buy One, Get One Free while supplies last! $3.50/skein.

Presencia Variegated Perle Cotton in sizes 5 and 8 on closeout 99 cents/ball.

Elegance and Flair: $1/card until it's gone!


Guild discount and sale prices apply to in-store, phone, and Internet sales.

We specialize in special orders!


Belts into Sandals
Lund Enterprises

I absolutely love belt canvases. I would have 100 of them in the shop, if I knew they would sell. The designs range from simple to whimsical to classic. If you want it, I can either find it or have it painted. I remain convinced there is a belt canvas out there with the San Francisco Skyline!

I have had customers tell me they have belt canvases languishing in their “Stitched but Unfinished” pile, because they cannot bring themselves to spend the hundreds of dollars required to have the canvas turned into a leather belt. Do I have any other suggestions?

I Sure Do!

There is a wonderful company in Pennsylvania, Lund Enterprises ( that transforms a 36” belt into a pair of custom sandals. Sandals can be sized anywhere from five to twelve. You must come in for sole and arch measurements. According to my contact: The soles aren't different--the arch determines the width and that's the most important measurement we need.

The sandals come in four styles.

The traditional “Flip-Flop.” The sole is neoprene. If you select a grosgrain ribbon thong, the cost is $70. If you opt for a leather thong, the price is $90.  

The Comfort Sole Slip On. The shoe resembles a flip-flop, but has a rubber sole. Cost is $110.

The Leather-soled Sandal. These are only available with a leather thong. Price is $165. If you have a belt that you love, this is a fabulous way to show it off!

The Wedge Sole Flip-Flop. Only available with a leather thong. Price is $110. I have a pair of these in the shop on display through the month of June. They are a perfect size 6. The workmanship is first class!

Since the shoes are made using a form, you must follow Lund’s specific stitching instructions.

All belts may be no longer than 36 inches. Designs must cover 1-1/4 inches of painted canvas. In order for the canvas to fit the form, you must stitch an additional three rows in the Slanted Gobelin Stitch over three rows.

If the belt is 18-count, the pattern will cover 22 or 23 rows. With the additional six rows of Gobelin, that cover 28-29 rows.

If your canvas is 13 or 14 count, see me for specifics. There is a slight change in the number of rows stitched.

What Pattern Can I Use?

Choose a closely-spaced pattern. Diagonal stripes and widely-spaced patterns are not recommended. If you’re not sure, I am happy to shoot my contact a photo of your desired shoes for her advice.

I will post a photo of the display pair of sandals on Facebook.

Please join me next week for another adventure in the needlearts.

Keeping you in stitches,


Welcome to all who have signed up to receive my blog this past week. I thank all of you who pass it along. As always, if I can be of assistance, let me know.


Painted Canvas Embellishment

Carole Lake and Michael Boren

105 Pages

Cardstock binding with internal wire spiral,
so it lays flat



This is another one of those “can’t keep it in stock” items. The book comes wrapped in plastic. There is a store copy on the table you are welcome to peruse to your heart’s content. I count 273 stitches in the index. Many are on more than one page, so all bets are off as to what’s really in here.

If you have Carole’s How to Design Your Own Stitch Guide, you have most of the stitches already. This book presents them in a format that is much easier to read, however. The lays-flat format is also more user-friendly.

The real gem of this book is the 24-page thread list. The authors have done extensive research and compiled an exhaustive list of what’s on the market. Many of them I’ve never heard of. If you see any that catch your eye, let me know.


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Deal A Stitch Cards


Fabulous addition to your seminar bag!


This novelty item from Janet Zickler Casey is the cleverest “stitch book” I’ve ever seen! Its fifty diagrams cover everything from the Basketweave (Ace of Spades) to the Reversed Basketweave (Ace of Clubs), to the Victorian Step (King of Diamonds). The assortment of stitches includes enough of the basics to suit the needs of a beginner, while not ignoring those of us who love to push the envelope! The Ace of Hearts has a Rhodes Heart that is calling my name.

Each deck comes in its own plastic case, small enough to fit into any project bag. There are a total of 56 cards. The 50 stitches are on the Ace-Jack and the King of every suit. What are Her Four Majesties up to? You’ll have to buy a deck to find out! Since this IS a deck of cards, the last two entries are The Rules of Texas Hold ‘Em (the game played in Casino Royale) and The Best Poker Hands According to Rank.


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