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"There are several spiritual or yogic systems of activating the chakras and awakening the kundalini. Arhatic Meditation is one of the systems that systematically, safely and rapidly activates the chakras and awakens the kundalini."
                                                                      - Master Choa Kok Sui

Access the Knowledge of a Powerful Spiritual Technology to Spiritually Evolve in the Shortest Time Possible!

“Yoga” means union and “Arhatic” comes from the word “Arhat” which refers to a highly evolved being.

Arhatic Yoga is a system of very advanced spiritual practices, synthesing various yoga techniques that includes powerful meditations, purifications and breathing,  integrated into a step-by-step system to rapidly and safely accelerate the spiritual development of the practitioner.

In this course, you can get to:

  • Learn simple, yet powerful breathing techniques to cleanse your aura and boost your energy and power.
  • Learn a series of powerful purification techniques which can help to purify your thoughts and emotions and build a better character to avoid spiritual pitfalls.
  • Learn a special meditation which moves the Soul Energy through energy channels and enabling the “ancient seeds,” pent-up emotions and negative crystallized thought patterns to be extracted from your system.
  • Learn to safely and quickly awaken the Kundalini energy.
  • As the chakras and aura increase in size and power, there will be a noticeable development in your inner powers, qualities and abilities.
  • Learn how to recognise the 10 different “Kundalini Syndromes” and the remedies.
  • Be part of a group whereby you can experience expanded learning with regular activities, such as nurturings, study & practices, and get to learn even more in our Arhatic Yoga Retreats & participate in our dedicated week of Spiritual Rejuvenation in our school's Ashram in India!

Catch This Class to Attend:
       [New Graduates Enjoy a Special Rate at $760 instead of $800]

Pre-requisite for Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course:

  • Completed Both Pranic Psychotherapy & Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Courses.

Mandarin Translation is available for this class..
Please highlight to us during registration at least 3 days in advance from class date.

Course Fees:

  • $800 (inclusive of Course Materials & CDs, Plus Worldwide Recognised Certificate)
    $150 for Reviewer who has signed up for Singapore Retreat 2019
    $250 for Reviewer who has not signed up for Singapore Retreat 2019
         (vegetarian lunch will be provided on the 2 days)



  • The Centre For Inner Studies in Singapore (CIS)
    1 Sophia Road #04-07/08/09 Peace Centre
    Singapore 228149   Tel: 6338-6624

To Register:

  • Register Using Any 1 of the Following Easy Ways:
      a. Call 63386624
      b. SMS/ WhatsApp to 92762820 with your name & indicate for "AY on 20 & 21 Jul". Let us know if you are New or a Reviewer.
      c. Email to us at with your name, mobile no., & subject for  "AY on 20 & 21 Jul". Let us know if you are New or a Reviewer.

See You In the Class!
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