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Fibonacci Stalker

"Learn to trade like Algorithms in High-Volume, Modern Markets"

"Teach me a new way of looking at the Markets.......................................  ..........I already know the old ways that make me a loser." 

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Dear  Reader,    FibStalker here...

Really good to see you here, hope you are enjoying the quality of the work I share for free and the content of my Newsletter.

My commitment to helping new and experienced trader to improve their trading skills is alive and strong!

More students with different level of development are joining my next session.

2014 is almost gone! Have you got any plans to start trading seriously, avoiding average results (which in trading means losing money) and  starting looking at the market differently?

That's a necessary step. No way to work around it.

When do YOU plan to start ?


"Don't Wait! Start Today!"

As you may know 92% to 95% of retail traders lose money, and average investors rarely achieve their long-term financial goals. Yet, global financial institution makes billions buying and selling in exactly the same markets.

Nowadays, institutions leverage automated algorithms, machines that execute the same rules again and again and -- in the process -- continuously extract gains from modern market.

You can do that too, by modeling some of the most powerful families of algorithms trading on the weekly, daily (and lower) time frames.


"Out-of-box Thinking: Learn to Exploit Algos in Modern Markets!"

Most importantly, observations of the effects of these algorithms on price are actionable. These Algos are not HFT (High Frequency Trading), but rather 'slow enough' for retail traders like us to obtain a significant trading edge.

When you learn to model Algorithms you get to know in advance the setup levels where they can participate.

Plus you can leverage existence and activity of Algos on the smaller timeframes and use their activity to confirm the participation at the setups levels.

You can get confirmation of participation using a procedural set of steps, modeling the same rules followed by algorithm.


"Procedurally Time Setups using FibStalking!"

I am Giuseppe Basile, CMT (a.k.a. the FibStalker),  trader, analyst and mentor with over 13 years experience and a Masters in Computer Engineering and one in Finance. I am also an active researcher associated to the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

At FibStalker Trading I mentor traders and I teach a set of methods and strategies that enable YOU to make money regardless of what the market direction and what it's doing.

The key is identifying levels participated by algorithms – at low risk market turning points,  and enter after confirmation to obtain a risk-free trade. And you can find out a lot of information, and how it works in my webinars at


"High Quality Coaching with Individual Attention!"

More and more traders and investors are experiencing the FibStalker Methods Coaching Proram education on-line and off-line.

No wonder why, I offer a much-needed, new way of looking at the market differently, which produces tangible results under strict risk control, that methods based on traditional Technical Analysis will never be able to offer.

But classes fill up quickly, so don't delay. Learn more here below and enroll today.

If you want to get more information, just hit reply and write "more info".



 FibStalker Methods Coaching Program 

<<First Name>>,

This is not your typical trading course that just re-hashes old Technical Architecture concepts.

With that approach you can only derive average trading methods that produces average results (which means losing money in the markets)...


"So, why so special? What there is in it for YOU?"

This is only part of what you will learn in this multi month, unique coaching program (you will not find this information anywhere else)
  • Recognize the Different Ways Market Moves
  • Model Algos Footprints on Price
  • Frame Price Structure in different Time frames
  • Precisely Identify Areas Participated by Algorithms
  • Identify and Break Down a Market Trend in a Sequence of Well-Defined Price Moves
  • Precisely Identify the Start and the End of a Trend
  • Time the Markets using a Procedural Method (the FibStalking Technique)
  • Come up with High Probability, Low Risk Trading Plans
  • Consistently obtain Risk-Free Trades from the Market
  • Understand Price Structure and Algos Interaction on different Time Frames
  • Perform Price Discovery to Understand what the Market is Likely to do Next
  • Validate Trading Plans based on Price Structure
  • Formalize a Successful Trading System
  • Develop in Steps a Framework for Trading Success
  • And way, way more...


"Total, 180 degrees Change in Your Trading!"

I will help you solve or anticipate the following common problems (and many others) in a High Quality program with One-to-One interaction:
  • Not Knowing How to Ride the Trend to the End
  • Follow Systematic Rules to Balance Lack of Discipline
  • Trade Profitably with an Ongoing Support
  • Not Able to Spot a Price Move Before it Happens
  • Lack of Systematic Guidance in the Markets
  • Not Understanding How the Market Works
  • When and Where to Take Profits and Change Direction
  • What to Do at the End of the Move
  • Not Managing Risk Actively
  • Not Knowing How to Obtain Risk-Free Trades
  • How to Build the Right Mental Model of Successful Trading
  • Develop Confidence in one Trading Method
  • Build & Understand a System you are Comfortable with
  • Not Achieving Consistent Winning Results
  • No Understanding of Price Structure
  • Not Building Trading Skills
  • Reading and Analyzing the Markets Confidently
  • Create and Validate a Good Trading Plan
  • Knowing What to do to Become Successful
  • Not Using Money Management Effectively
  • Not Knowing How to Obtain Information from Price
  • And many more...
If you want to get more information, just hit reply and write "more info".


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